Book Review: The Sword

This is the first book in the Sons of Destiny series.

Kelley Doyle, is stuck in the modern day world, but has a fascination with the past. Because of this fascination she has been accused of being a witch.

Being accused of being a witch wouldn't bother her so much, if threats didn't come along with it. From notes posted at her house, to someone hanging a noose outside her door. Letting her know that they used to hang witches in the old says. The police department doesn't care, and Kelley is actually getting scared.

When they set her house on fire with her inside it, she is all but dead. Until she is pulled form her world into another. Sat down in the middle of a castle in a foreign land, Kelley is freaking out. Even worse is the fact that there are men here that are holding her down and they are talking to her in a language she doesn't understand. All her worse fears are running through her mind.

Once they are all able to understand each others language, Kelley realizes that she is not only in another land, she is in another world completely. One where magic is the main source of power, and most people here have magic.

Saber is the oldest of the eight sons. And he is terrified in some ways of Kelley. He knows that the prophecy says that he is to fall in love, and with that it will bring a great disaster. That is why he and his brothers were exiled on Nightfall Isle to begin with, and why women are forbidden to be on the isle.

But even though Kelley and him fight, and the coming disaster is on her heel. He still finds himself falling in love with her. The only thing he can do is embrace his destiny and pray she loves him in return.

This was a very good book, and a great start for this series. I can't wait to read the rest of them. The only complaint I have, is the covers look like 80's cheesy romance novel covers. lol. But this is an adult read, so I will only recommend it to ALL of my adult readers :)

Ratings: Number 5 and 4 stars

The Sword
Jean Johnson

Book Reviews: Goddess Summoning Series

So far I have only read four of these wonderful books. I'm not sure exactly how many there are out there, but I can't wait to get my hands on them.

The first book I am reviewing is The Goddess of the Sea. Since this is the First in the series. This was a awesome book. I have always been in love with the magic of the sea myself. So when you add the mermaids and the Goddesses and Gods to the mix. I just fell in love with the book.

Twenty five year old Air Force Sergent, Christine Canady, or CC as everyone likes to call her, is alone. SHe joined the Air Force to get out of the small town she grew up in. She never felt like she belonged there. For that matter, there is no where she has ever felt like she really belonged.

On the night of her birthday, the loneliness is overwhelming. She is about to fly to another country, in a war zone, to do her job, she needs more in her life. Getting too drunk by herself on wine, she decides she needs the help of magic in her life. She can't do it on her own anymore, and she knows that every woman has a little magic in each of them.

Casting a summoning Spell, asking the Goddess Gaea to bring Magic into her life, CC feels rejuvenated. Going to bed drunk and happy for once. She dreams of a man she has never known. But even stranger is she is under water when she dreams of him. Like she is floating in the sea.

Waking up the next morning makes CC realize that she really is a lucky woman, she has almost everything she has ever wanted in life. The next day CC heads out to her overseas duty. At the airport she meets a God Like handsome man, Sean. Ever though he is an officer, he still wants CC to call him by his first name. She feels so strange, she knows she has always been average looking, but this beautiful man is looking at her like he is shy, and sneaking glances in her direction.

Before CC can do anything about the handsome man, her worst fear comes true, the plane crashes. In the process the man who switched seats with her, Sean, is killed. CC is devastated, but also she is struggling to get to safety so she doesn't die in the crash as well. When she tries to reach the surface, something from below pulls her down into the depths of the sea.

Changing places with a mermaid in order didn't seem like that big a deal, after all she was able to live. But when Sarpedon starts to pursue her she has to escape. The Goddess grants her the gift of legs and sends her back to land, in ancient Wales. Here she needs to find true love, in that she will be able to escape Sarpedon forever.

But land is not where she finds true love. It is in the waters that CC realizes she truly wants to be. Even more so she wants to be in Dylan's arms. The beautiful merman who has helped her discover what a magical world the sea can be.

In order for them to be together, they have to escape both the clutches of Sarpedon and the Abbott. And even then they may not be able to stay together. Only the Fates know their true destiny.

This was a GREAT read, I loved it sooo much. But again, it is an adult novel. So no one under the age of eighteen, sorry guys.

Book number two is the Goddess of Spring. Again this was another wonderful read.

Lina is a baker in Tulsa, and unfortunately she hired the most unqualified accountant in the area. Because of this she owes more money than she can imagine to the IRS.

Demeter is the Goddess of the Harvest, and her daughter is Persephone, the Goddess of Spring. The underworld needs the appearance of a goddess to bring new life into the weary lands, but Persephone is not yet mature enough to visit the underworlds.

When Lina Summons Demeter, asking for help in saving her bakery. Demeter responds, but not in the way Lina expected. Lina and Persephone have now exchanged souls. Lina is in Mount Olympus, while Persephone has become a baker in Tulsa. Each are needed in the others place to help fix a situation.

Once Demeter explains the situation to Lina, she understands what she has to do. Go to the underworld, allow the shades to see her and bring peace and happiness to the underworld, so they all know that a Goddess still cares for them. That part Lina gets, but what she doesn't count on is the fact that the God of the underworld Hades is stunning. The most attractive man she has ever laid eyes on.

Spending time in the underworld becomes harder and harder as Lina realizes that she has fallen in love with Hades, and Hades with her. She feels as if she is living a lie, she isn't able to revel who she really is to anyone. When she finally decides the time is right, Demeter interferes and Hades turns from her, fearing she betrayed him.

Heartbroken, Lina is returned to Tulsa. Her business is thriving, Persephone did an amazing job of turning the bakery around. Lina should be ecstatic, but she can't make herself be as happy as she should be, she misses Hades.

It is time for the Goddess of the Harvest to meddle once again. She realizes she didn't think through all the consequences of her original plan. On both Lina and her own daughter Persephone. Not to mention the underworld and it's God Hades. Now Demeter must set things straight so that true love can flourish.

This was a sweet twist on a classic tale of the Story between Hades and Persephone. I loved it.

The third book was Goddess of the Light. After meeting Lina in Persephone's body, Apollo was dumbfounded. He never met a mortal who would resist him. Now he has been spending his time rethink ing what it is he has been missing throughout his life. He has decided it is Love. The God of light has been missing Love.

Pamela just got out of the most horrific marriage she could imagine. Duane seemed to be perfect when they were dating, but from day one of their marriage he caged her. She hated it. Now it's been two years since he divorce, and six months since he finally got the clue that they would never b together again. It is time for her to get back out there and see what she could find for herself  in the world of men.

Las Vegas is where her job takes her, she is a interior designer. Las Vegas is also Bacchus realm. He has claimed it for himself. And he is more than a little angry when Zeus decides to open a portal and give the Goddesses, Gods, and Nymphs the chance to visit it on the weekends.

What angers him even more is the fact that the twins Apollo and Artemis are visiting. He hates them. Bacchus decides that a small ritual to get back at them will do as payback. He has his Nymphs perform a summoning spell to bind a human to a God to Goddess.

Unknowingly Pamela whispers the words of her hearts desires during the spell and binds herself to Artemis. She wishes for true love. Artemis decides that her brother is the perfect person to give this mortal what her heart desires.

Apollo has never felt so alive as he has the last few days being with Pamela. But when he and Artemis get trapped in the mortal realm without there powers, Bacchus thinks he has set the perfect trap. It isn't until Zeus punishes him that he decides that what he has done isn't enough.

Now that Apollo has fallen in love with Pamela, he is going to kill her. It's up to Apollo and Artemis to save Pamela's life before all is to late. And to save their love, now that they realize they are soul mates.

I Love P.C. Cast's work :)

The final book I read in this series was Goddess of the Rose. Mikki is the last one in her family. Both her mother and grandmother died in the last five years, and she has never found a man to make her happy enough to settle down and have a family. But she always has her roses. They make her happy.

She has a family secret to keep the roses alive and thriving. Her blood. On the new moon every month, she cuts a small slit in her palm and feeds the roses with her blood mixed with water. They flourish with that better than they would any other fertilizer.

Coming home from another horrible blind date, Mikki decides to check on the roses in the Rose Garden, it has been under construction and she is sure the workers have trampled the roses. On her way to the gardens she is stopped by the local acting group who is setting up and doing sound checks in the park. They need her help to do sound checks since they can't seem to find their main actress. She obliges. What she doesn't realizes is that once she starts reading the lines in the script, her mind takes over and somehow she starts saying a summoning spell to invoke to Goddess Hecate.

Once the sound check is over, Mikki is extremely embarrassed, she doesn't know where that came form she was just supposed to read the lines, not make up ones of her own.

Just like she thought the roses in the garden look terrible because of the construction. She knows what she has to do. Mixing her blood with a little water she feeds the sick roses. She also feeds the roses around the Guardian statue that is in the main part of the gardens, after all the statue has been there for as long as she can remember. In the process of feeding the Roses she accidentally gets some of her blood on the statue.

Leaving the gardens, she hears a terrible noise, then before she knows it she feels like she is being attacked. When she wakes up, she is not at home. In fact she is in the room that her dreams have been taking her to night after night lately.

Extremely afraid, and thinking she has finally went out of her mind. Mikki is introduced to the Realm of Roses, where the Goddess Hecate reigns. Unknowingly Mikki awakened the guardian of the realm after centuries of sleep and now she has come to this place to be the next High Priestess Empousa. The keeper of the roses in this place.

At first Mikki is scared and intrigued by the guardian. But she quickly gets over her fear, and realizes that it is being replaced with love. But the guardian is not just any old person. He is half beast half man. With horns on his head and hooves for feet. But that doesn't stop Mikki. She falls in love with him anyway.

Mikki is tricked into letting Dream Stealers into the Realm of Roses, once they are there the guardian has to battle them. Even though they get defeated they have already done damage to the roses. Disease spreads like wildfire through the plants, and nothing Mikki does can save them. But she knows in her heart what she must do.

Even though she loves the guardian with all her heart, she knows that the Realm of Roses is truly her home and where she belongs. She knows that sacrificing herself to save the roses is what she has to do. She only hope that everyone can forgive her for what has to be done.

This is a wonderful story of beauty and the beast, where the beast stays they way he is and the animal inside is what fuels the passions. In both the beauty and the beast. I loved it. and I recommend these books to all of my adult friends!!!

Ratings: Number 5 and 4 stars

Goddess of the Sea
Goddess of Spring
Goddess of the Light
Goddess of the Rose
P.C. Cast

Book Reviews: Sons of Destiny

I am so far behind in reviewing the books I have been reading. I have about ten books I need to review, but I have been so busy lately that by the time I get a chance to sit down and focus on writing I'm too exhausted. But here I am now to update all of you on these books that have kept me thoroughly interested these last couple weeks.

The first book I am reviewing today is the second book in the Sons of Destiny series, The Wolf. I have already done a review on the first book, The Sword.

This book was no less intriguing than the first one. Wolfer, the second oldest of the eight sons, has to meet his destiny now. It is his turn to fall in love and fulfill his part of the prophecy. The only problem is his heart was already captured years ago, before they were exiled onto Nightfall Isle. The fair Alys was a neighboring child that grew up with the boys. Even though she was five years younger than Wolfer, she was always by his side.

Wolfer doesn't know how he will fall in love when there are no women on the island. But he is sure that when the time comes he will know. Alys is currently afraid for her life. After the death of her parents she was taken to live with her uncle. A man who is evil in every way possible. He lives to frighten and torture everyone around her. Even though he has wanted to take Alys to his bed on more than one occasion, she has managed to talk him out of it. But since the price on her head is very valuable, her uncle has sold her to the highest bidder as a wife and slave. Now is the time for her to escape.

Escaping to Nightfall Isle is the only chance she has a t freedom. She knows Wolfer is there and she has been in love with him since she was three years old. Praying he still loves her, she escapes. Now it's time for all of their destinies to unfold. Hopefully they can all survive, especially when her uncle decides to attack in full force.

This was a good book, but just like the last few books I have been reading and reviewing, it is an adult novel. So I'm not recommending it for anyone under the age of eighteen.

Now onto book Number three, The Master. In book number one the prophesied disaster they faced was the fact that Dominor was kidnapped by a visiting country. The country was a  group of men who were out to claim new lands in the name of their kingdom. They had suffered oppression at the hands of women for generations and had staged and uprising. Freeing them form the clutches of those women who would keep them captive.

When they found out that Dominor was a very powerful mage they drugged him and kidnapped him. Once shackled in magic binding restraints, there was nothing he could do until they reached their destination. Unfortunately their vessel was overtaken by rival sea goers. Everyone on board was taken prisoner.

Dominor was taken to port and to the auction block where he was put up for sale as a slave. Though he tried to protest that he was not a commoner and should not be put through this treatment, it changed nothing.

Serina has been working manically for months now to finish the mathmagical formula to right the wrongs that generations past created. She has finally discovered what it is she needs. A foreign man, who is a powerful mage. One who is willing to mate with her and produce a child.

The Fates it seems took Serina to the market the same day Dominor was being actioned. A foreigner, and a powerful mage. She couldn't have asked for anything better than that. Now to get him to agree with her plans, and preform the ritual.

Unknowing that his older brother has completed his part of the destiny, it is now Dominor's turn to find his soul mate. As he and Serina work out the plans of her formula, things begin to change between the two of them. Now they just have to figure out what will happen once he fulfills his part of the prophecy.

I am in love with this series, and I can not wait to read the rest of the book. I recommend them to all my adult fans. They are delicious books :)

Ratings: Number 5 and 4 stars

Jean Johnson
The Wolf
The Master


Book Review: Tithe

Sooo, I have been partially absent these last few days. Mostly due to the fact that I am having serious internet problems. But all in all that is no excuse to get as behind as I have. I am doing this review on Tithe by Holly Black. But I have about four or five other reviews to do today as well. All on books I have read since I last blogged. Again, I'm sorry for the delay.

Tithe, A Modern Faerie Tale, was a really good read. I actually bought the book because Holly Black is going to be one of the authors at the Smart Chicks Kick it tour in Houston Tx in just a few weeks. I wanted to have something with me for each author that is going to be there to sign, but I wanted to make sure I read each thing before I went. As it was, I chose this book by Holly Black, and it was an excellent choice indeed.

Kaye and her mother have moved more times than she can count. Being the daughter of a talented rock star wanna-be, Kaye doesn't have much choice. But even though she misses her childhood 'imaginary' friends, Spike, Lutie Loo, and Gristle, she still loves her mom and will follow her anywhere. But after a strange attack on her mom from the man they were staying with renders them homeless, Kaye finds them returning back home to the seaside of New Jersey.

Unknowingly Kaye enspells her long time real friends Janet's boyfriend into becoming obsessed with her. She doesn't know how she did it, but the fact that it actually happened kind of scares her. Then meeting a dark and handsome stranger in the woods in the middle of a thunderstorm makes things getting even stranger for her.

Roiben is the chosen knight of the Unseelie court. Part of Faerie, of course Kaye already knew this, but she has known about faeries since she was a girl. Everyone has always said they were her imaginary friends, and no one ever believed her. So now explaining things to anyone would be impossible. Until she makes an unlikely aly, Janet's older brother Corney.

Taken prisoner, against her will, but drugged in magical ways, Kaye has to fight to stay alive before she is sacrificed to the Unseelie court. She has a secret weapon that she doesn't even know she possesses until it is almost too late. In the end she could save or destroy the entire structure between the human and faerie realms for the next seven years if she doesn't act fast enough.

This was a great little book, and I think it was the very first book she ver realeased. You can tell Holly Black had what it takes from the very start!!

Ratings: Number 2 and 3 stars

Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale
Holly Black


One Lovely Blog Award

Well I have been in just the grumpiest of grumpy moods all afternoon, and then I open my email and I get a wonderful surpise.

A wonderful fellow blogger by the name of Lisa M. Potts has awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. I was so surprised by this that I smiled, despite my sour mood. And thanks to Miss Potts I have been in a much better mood all evening. So thank you again Lisa M. Potts for your wonderful generosity!!

You can check out her wonderful work at Lisa M. Potts . This is the link to her blog.

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Here are the fifteen wonderful blogs I have chosen in no particular order:
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Congrats to everyone who recieved this award. It really made my day. I hope it makes yours as well!!


New Ratings System

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Book Review: Mistress

Emily went from being a somewhat well off girl in her father's home to a nothing, living in the workhouse, barely surviving. After being rescued in a way and given a job at a school for young ladies in London. Even though it was better than the workhouse, it was still barely above surviving and Emily wanted so much more out of her life.

When she was approached by Mr. Twyford about being a model for his new photograph business, she thought that maybe her life was going to turn around for her. Just maybe she could get the kind of life she wanted.

Emily was no no fool and not for a second did she think that modeling for Mr. Twyford was going to be easy, or decent. She rather expected it to be both hard and intimate. But when she arrived to talk to him about his offer, she was surprised that he was offering to take pictures of her in a more modest position than she expected. Though she was still going to have to take her clothes off.

Never having been in love, Emily had made up her mind that she was going to take these photos and have them sold in order to get herself a protector. She was going to make herself a wealthy mistress. She would not go about her life a poor old maid any longer. With the help of Eric Twyfold, this dream would come true.

Unfortunately the heart never listens to the mind, and before she knew it Emily was head over heels in love with Eric. But much to her dismay he didn't seem to have half the bit of interest in her. Not like Mr. Murdoch, who had decided that Emily was to be his new wife, weather she wanted to be or not.

After procuring one of her photos to use as blackmail, Mr. Murdoch secured Emily as his wife. But after he surprised her with his horrid ideas about what she was do to in obedience for him with continuing her pictures, she decided that she had been reckless and foolish in her marriage. The only person to turn to was Eric.

Still heartbroken over her marriage to Mr. Murdoch, Eric was outraged at what Mr. Murdoch had planned for Emily and immediately agreed to help her escape him. With a few ideas in mind the two of them set out to save her from the beast he was. All they could hope for was that the love they felt for each other would out do anything that man had over their heads.

This was a wonderful little read, but it is extremely mature. So I do NOT recommend it for anyone under the age of eighteen. Other than that I would definitely tell anyone else to read this book!

Ratings: Number 3 and 5 stars

Leda Swann


Book Review: Ruined

Lisette was murdered in 1853, her body stored in a family tomb and her mother lied to about her death. A curse was placed upon the family that murdered her and has lasted for over a century and a half. Now it is the time for the curse to be over, and no one wants to die.

This was a really good read, it was given to me to read by a friend of mines daughter. She has a wonderful passion for books. Something I wish a lot more younger ppl had.

Rebecca has lived in New York City almost all of her life. Just her and her dad. Rebecca's mom was killed when she was just a baby, so there has always just been the two of them. But now things are changing, she is fifteen and her dad has to go away on business, to China. This isn't just a week trip, this time he will be gone for six months. In the meantime Rebecaa is being sent to live with her Aunt in New Orleans. She is dreading every second that ticks by, taking her closer to that destination.

Arriving in New Orleans is just as Rebecca feared, it's hot and sticky, she doesn't no anyone and no one is nice to her. She realizes as soon as she gets to school that she is destined to not have any friends at all while she is here. But strangely enough, it doesn't bother her. The only thing that she really wants is to get into the cemetery across the street. Especially since her Aunt says that she is to never go there.

Sneaking into the cemetery to follow the 'Them' crowd one night was not exactly the smartest thing to do, but she did it anyway. Almost getting caught spying was even dumber, but on her way out she got lost. Panicked she fell, luckily she was approached by a friendly stranger instead of one of the horrible kids form school. Showing her the way out, the girl gave her a sweet smile and left her be, Rebecca ran home as fast as she could.

Determined to find out who the girl was, Rebecca went back to the cemetery. She found who she was looking for, but wasn't expecting the surprise that came with her. The girl that helped her was named Lisette, and she was a ghost.

After learning about the curse on the Bowman family, and that it was Lisette who was the one appearing to the girls in the family to curse them, Rebecca began to worry. After all she was seeing the ghost as well. Her aunt explained to her the reason, and she was none to happy. After another girl fell too ill, Rebecca was asked to take her place in the Septimus parade. It wasn't until the parade was over that Rebecca realized what kin of danger she was in.

This was the night the curse was supposed to end, and it was the night the last Bowman girl was to die. But which one would it be? Helena or Rebecca?

This was a very cute read.

Ratings: Number 3 and 2 stars

Paula Morris

Book Review: Bad Moon Rising

Ok, I know I have been absent for over a week now, but I just didn't want to blog each and everyone of the Dark Hunter novels every time I got finished with one. After all there are around twenty of them :) I haven't finished the whole series yet, I think I still have like four more to go, and I am waiting patiently as I can for them to come in. I have already ordered them.

I have four of the books in the series to talk about in this post, all of them were great books. One thing I have noticed as I am getting closer to the end is that there are more and more Were-Hunter novels. Personally I like the Dark Hunter ones better, but they are all great reads.

The first book is Sins of the Night, which is number eight of the series I believe. I could have the reading order mixed up though, so don't quote me on that :) This one is about Alexion, Acheron's right hand man. He is sent in to take care of business whenever one or more of the dark hunters decide they can do whatever they feel like doing. This time he has been sent to a neutral party's home, someone who hasn't yet turned to the bad side of things. A dark hunteress named Dangereuse, or Danger for short. Alexion request this mission due to the fact that this dark hunter gone rogue was one his brother in arms, Kyros and him were some of the first dark hunters, and now Kyros was turning his back on Acheron. Alexion is there to try and save him before it's too late, but what he doesn't count on is the fact that he needs a type of saving himself. All the years of execution have made him a cold shell of who he used to be, and with Dangers help he could become a man much more than he was before.

The next book I read was Unleash the Night, and it was a Were-Hunter book. This one is about Wren Tigarian, the tiger and leopard mix. To him and his family he has always been an abomination, nothing more than a mistake. Sanctuary allows him to live and work there because that is the law, they must allow him refuge. But now his cousin and Mama Lo are conspiring to be rid of him and it's up to him to find out why. He now has a death sentence to out run and a mark on his back where no matter where he goes he will recognized, after all he is the only one of his kind. His parents made sure they never made a mistake like him again. Even though he is an outcast and looks like a bum, Maggie can't help but be compelled by Wren. He puts off every signal in the world to leave him alone, yet she wants nothing more that to be in his arms. The fact that she is a politicians daughter makes everything even more complicated. In order to save Wren's life they have to figure out who it was that killed his parents. In order to save their relationship they have to save his life. Things are never easy.

Then I went on to read Devil may Cry, I really liked this one. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I like the dark hunter ones better than the were hunter ones, but I don't know exactly. Ex-God turned Dark hunter Sin, had his powers stolen by the Goddess Artemis, so he has thought for the last few centuries. Artemis is terrified he is going to come after her and kill her once and for all so she send her daughter in to take care of him for her, to get rid of Sin once and for all. But no one expected Kat to fall in love with Sin, least of of all Kat herself. But what's worse than Artemis fear is the fact that the gallu demons are getting free and Sin is on a very short time table to reseal the prisons before all hell breaks loose and the end of the world really takes place. But not trusting anyone his entire life has become a habit that isn't easily broken and if Sin can't learn to trust the one person who truly loves him, then everyone will die.

The last book I will blog on here is Bad moon rising. While I say that I like the dark hunter books better, this was a good one for the were hunters. This is the story of Fang and Aimee.. finally. We have got bits and pieces of their relationship through other books, but this was the full thing. When Fang gets attack and is sent to a nether realm, his brother, the only family he has ever had abandons him. But Aimee doesn't, she stays by his side and goes above and beyond to bring him back to her. Killing daimons is a dark hunters job, but she takes it upon herself to rid the world of the ones that have stolen most of Fang's soul. Once back Fang kills a demon and unknowingly takes the demons spirit into himself. In turn the demon begins waging a war inside Fang trying to gain control of him. Fang disappears in order to keep everyone he loves safe. But that bites him in the butt, because that makes him a wanted man. As more and more bodies turn up and him no where to be found they all pin the blame on Fang. He has surrender himself or have his family killed in his stead. Fang is no coward and has never ran from anything. He just wishes he had had a chance to love Aimee the way she deserved to be loved.

These are great books, and i recommend them to anyone over the age of eighteen to defiantly go out and grab them up.

Ratings: Number 3 and 5 stars

Sins of the Night
Unleash the Night
Devil may Cry
Bad Moon Rising
Sherrilyn Kenyon


Book Review: Night Embrace

So I have been scouring through the Dark Hunter series. After Night Pleasures there was Night Embrace, right now I am on Sins of the Night, and it's great so far. This review is going to be about all the ones I have read since my last post.

Night Embrace is about Talon, the ancient Celt. Talon died when his tribe betrayed him, and sacrificed him to the Morrigan, trying to bring peace back to them. But the ultimate betrayal was when they told him that they needed a sacrifice from his bloodline, and he offered himself, they tied him up and then killed his baby sister in from of him when he could do nothing to help her. Sunshine Runningwolf is something else altogether, she is funny and sweet, beautiful and eccentric. And for some reason Talon has found himself falling in love with her. If they all survive he prays that she can love him as well.

Dance with the Devil came next. This is so far one of my two favorite stories in the series. Zarek is a grumpy, cold, vicious Dark Hunter. He hates everyone and everyone hates him. Being condemned to the frozen lands on Alaska for the last nine hundred years has made him even worse. Now it's time for him to be judged or else it's time for him to die. His judge is Astrid, the Fates youngest sister, and she is physically blind, but she has begun to discover that there is more to Zarek that she can see without the ability of sight. If only she can convince everyone else that this is the right decision before it's too late.

In Kiss of the Night, Wulf has been cursed throughout the centuries to be forgotten. The only people who can remember him five minutes after he leaves a room are the other dark hunters, and the squires that are descendant from his brother, since they are of his blood. After one fateful night in a club Wulf meets Cassandra, and she remembers him. Wulf is startled by this and then even more so when he finds out exactly who and what Cassandra is. But then Cassandra gets pregnant and Wulf is the father, even though they have never touched. Protecting humanity has never been more important and now Wulf has gotten his heart involved. No matter what happens he can't let anyone down.

Night Play was a little different. It wasn't so much about the dark hunters as it was about the Were hunters. Vane has only had two other people to count on in his whole life, his brother and his sister. His sister was killed a few months ago and now his brother is all but dead, lying in a comatose state barely moving to even eat. Vane is lost with no one to turn to, until he meets Bride. Bride has just been dumped by her long time boyfriend and she is on the verge of collapse, she is heart broken.. kinda. Vane has seen Bride before and thought her beautiful then, now when he sees her hurting he is all but speechless. After their first nite together the end up mated. Vane is astonished and Bride is terrified, they only have three weeks to bond or else Vane will be alone for the rest of his life. There are things out there though that will go to almost any lengths to make sure it never happens.

The last book I'm blogging about today is Seize the Night, this is my other favorite so far. This one is about Valerius Magnus, the grandson of Kyrian and Jullian's mortal enemy. Because of that family trait almost everyone hates him, and they don't hold back when it comes to showing him. Tabitha has been a pretty big player in the Dark Hunter world. Being a human but going out every night hunting vamps, she does her duty. Tabby is also an empath, and when she comes across Val she feels his pain. Valerius has never let anyone is and is caught off guard when he realizes that Tabitha has reached a part of him that no one ever even tried to reach before. But an enemy from the past is back to finish what he started, and now that Val knows what love feels like he will do whatever it takes to save Tabitha from whatever comes after her and her family. No matter who hates him and is trying to stop him.

Like I said before this series is NOT for anyone under the age of 18 but this is a great series and if you can get a chance to read it i suggest you do :)

Ratings: Number 3 and 5 stars

Night Embrace
Dance with the Devil
Kiss of the Night
Night Play
Seize the Night
Sherrilyn Kenyon


Book Review: Night Pleasures

So this is the second book in the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I unusually read the whole series before I blog on the books, but seeing as this is a looong series, I'm going to do them in ones and twos.

When I first started reading the series I was going to stop at this book. It is where the YA book, Infinity ties in at. I just wanted to catch up to that part, but of coarse that didn't happen. I got hooked. Sherrilyn Kenyon is a great writer. However I will warn you, her writing is for adults only. I will not recommend these books for anyone under the age of eighteen.

Kyrian of Thrace was betrayed by the one woman he ever loved. He gave up everything and everyone that ever loved and cared for him for that woman. In the end she turned him over to his enemies to be crucified and then his Kingdom was overtaken by the Romans. He has never forgotten that.

After the betrayal he was turned Dark hunter, given the chance to extract his revenge on her. But he couldn't do it. Even though she had betrayed his heart and soul, he still loved her, and couldn't take her life. So he walked away, and now walks the earth protecting humans from the things that would kill them in the night.

When he wakes up handcuffed to Amanda he doesn't know what to do. She was mistaken for her vampire hunting twin sister Tabitha in the hopes that Tabby would kill him on sight. Unfortunately their capture didn't bank on her having a twin, or did he.

As Kyrian tries everything in his power to slay the demonic forces that have set out to kill him, but when the prophecies reveal that only a Dark Hunter with his soul can kill his foe, Kyrian is at a loss. The only way to get his soul back is for him to fall in love, and to have someone fall in love with him. Ever since his wife betrayed him, he has never, NEVER trusted anyone remotely enough to even think that. Until Amanda.

She gets to him like no other woman has ever done. He loved his wife more than anything in this world and beyond, with his whole heart and soul, so he thought. But the way Amanda makes him feel is beyond imagination. H=It makes a mockery of what he felt for his wife, but he dares not hope that she feels the same for him, less he be cursed again.

Amanda loves Kyrian more than she could ever explain, and she will give anything to help him get his soul back. Together they can make everything happen and everything come together the way it should be.

This was a really good book, but like I said, definitely not for younger readers AT ALL.

Ratings: Number 3 and 5 stars

Night Pleasures
Sherrilyn Kenyon


Book Review: Fantasy Lover

The main reason I bought this book was because of the book Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Infinity was her first YA book, and after reading it I found out that some of the characters form it actually spin off from her Dark Hunter series. And Fantasy Lover is book one of that series. Book two is where Infinity actually ties into the Dark Hunter series, but after reading this one, I might actually have to go ahead and read the whole thing :)

Grace is a twenty nine year old, successful phychatrist. Well she is a sex therapist, but still she has her PhD. She has a best friend, her own home and a great career, but she is lonely. Sometimes it's not so bad, after what her ex did to her, ripped her heart out, she wasn't in the mood for anyone else.

Selena, Grace's best friend, totally disagrees with her. She thinks that four years without sex is ENTIRELY too long. Even though she understands then pain Grace went through with Paul. Selena buys a book with a picture of the most perfect man anyone has ever seen in it. With this book comes a summoning spell, all you have to do is speak the man's name three times and he appears. Once he has appeared to you, the summoner, he is your love slave for exactly one month.

Getting Grace tipsy on her birthday, Selena talks her into summoning Jullian of Macedon, son of Aphrodite. When nothing happens Grace laughs it off and Selena goes on home. Then Jullian appears in Grace's living room, completely naked and ready to please her in any way she wants. She freaks out.

Grace was used and thrown away like garbage, she refuses to do that to Julian. So instead of going about this the normal way and him being a sex slave, she decides to treat him like a normal person, like a human.

Julian's brother finds out there is a way to lift the curse that he has been under for two thousand years, and Grace is exactly who he needs to save him, but in the process they can not have sex. Not until the very last night of his summoning. Once they agree to it, things start to change, and they both realize that they have fallen in love. But neither one want to let the other know, for a multitude of reasons.

In the end, everything works out has it should, and payback is a bitch. I really liked this book. But I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of eighteen, due to the fact that it is HEAVILY laced with sex and sexual innuendos.

Ratings: Number 3 and 5 stars

Fantasy Lover
Sherrilyn Kenyon