Book Review: Radiance

This is the first book in a  new series by Alyson Noel. And again she has done a great job.

In the series The Immortals, we are introduced to Riley, who is Ever's sister. Her younger sister who passed away in a horrible car accident, that only Ever walked away from. Riley doesn't cross over at first with the rest of her family, she stays behind with her sister to still experience as much of life as she can.

After finally deciding to join the rest of her family, she will begin to start a new life in a  new place. A place called The Here and Now. She isn't quite sure if it's heaven or hell she is in, but she is somewhat happy to be here. Her family is happy she is here, she that should make her be happy as well. Right?

Her first day of school starts out a nightmare, she gets snubbed by a snob, and is more than a little confused. Especially when classmates who are glowing start to get called up to the front of class. Riley is freaked out, why are they glowing??

Riley still has her sense of humor, even if it is gritty. And then she is introduced to her guide, man things just go from bad to worse.

She has been given a job in The Here and Now. She is a catcher. She will be returned to the Earth plane to help coax across souls of people who are refusing to let go of life, for one reason or another. And guess what? Her first assignment is one that NO ONE has been able to complete, though many have tried and failed.

Riley knows this is how things have to be now, and when her assignment scares the bejesus out of her, she decides not to give her guide the satisfaction of knowing she ran scared. She knows she can do this, and so do this she will. And she will succeed... she hopes.

This was a wonderful read, it was so sweet and funny. I love Riley's character so much. And the best part about this book is after i read it, it made me wonder if maybe my little sister is up there in the Here and Now, doing a job and fulfilling her destiny. I will recommend this to everyone!

Ratings: Number 3 and 4 stars

Alyson Noel

Book Review: Clockwork Angel

This is the first book in a new trilogy by Cassandra Clare. I am so excited about the entire trilogy, I loved her first works, The Mortal Instruments trilogy. And now she is back with her amazing talent to give us more to feast our eyes on.

Tessa is headed to a new country, she is going to meet up with her brother for the first time is ages. Only once she gets there everything turns upside down. Kidnapped by the Dark Sisters, and held prisoner in a home. She is more than a little alone, and she is extremely scared. Ever since her arrival, the Dark Sisters have been trying to teach her a dark kind of magic, one she never knew she had abilities for.

After being rescued by a very handsome Shadowhunter, Tessa is thrown into a world that she never thought could exist. Where warlocks and witches, vampires and werewolves are the everyday normal person. Finding out that she isn't the human she always thought she was, and being used as a new tool in the ongoing war between the Shadowhunter and the downworlders. It is all too much for her.

In the mist of discovering a new self, being rescued, and trained, Tessa is finding herself more and more drawn to the Shadowhunter that saved her from the Dark Sisters. Will is attractive and smart, funny in his own dark way, and every time Tessa tries to get close to him he gets just as close and then pulls back away. She is frustrated and can't understand if he is falling for her as well or if he is playing a cruel joke.

James is another Shadowhunter living among them and he is just as handsome as Will, but he is so much nicer, he is calm and polite, helping her to adjust to all the new things in her life. James is the kind of man she should be falling in love with, and it becomes obvious that James is feeling the same way towards her. But for some reason she keeps going back to Will.

When the war breaks out and they are now facing a new enemy, robots. The Shadowhunters take a big blow and they may not be able to make it out of this one alive. When Tessa gets involved using her new found magic things sway in their favor. But then Tessa starts to learn things about who she really is and has always been, but even with these answers she's getting, all she ends up with is more questions.

I loved loved loved this book. Cassandra is my absolute favorite YA author, and I would recommend this to everyone, it's a great read.

Ratings: Number 3 and 4 stars

Clockwork Angel
Cassandra Clare

Book Review: The Dark Hunter series

So here I am back after a few weeks. Sry it has been taking me so long to get around to writing these days, but you know how life goes sometimes :)

I am going to finish reviewing the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon in this blog. I finally finished the series, yes all 17 of the books. Each and every of them were absolutely amazing!

The first book up is Dark Side of the Moon. This one is about Rayvn, he is different from all the other Dark Hunter. Not only is he a Dark Hunter, but also a Were Hunter. Yet the only ones who associate him are the DH's. Almost 300 years ago Rayvn was betrayed by everyone he held near and dear to him. Becoming a Dh was the one choice he could make to extract revenge. Now because he has crossed that line, he can never go back to his Were family.  Susan was the next big thing when she worked on another newspaper, but falling into a trap sent her career into reverse. Now she works with an old college associate on his tabloid paper, and goes throughout the day one step at a time.  Susan's best friend has her come to the local animal shelter to warn her about some strange things. Once there Susan is accosted with stories of vampires and the undead. Of course it's all made up, except that she has never seen her friend so serious about anything.   Rayvn is currently stuck in Were form by a magic containing band around his throat. Of course no one knows he is a Dh at the animal shelter, so Susan is talked into adopting him, against her better judgment. Once home Susan suddenly gets thrown into the world of the Dark Hunters. After she releases the band from Rayvn's neck, all hell breaks loose.  Both of them having been betrayed by those closet to them makes it hard for either one of them to trust anyone. But with both their lives in danger, and the unrelenting chemistry their bodies seem to have for each other, all they can do is jump in head first and hope they both hit the surface before it's too late.

Next up is Upon the Midnight Clear, another rockin' book in this series. Aidan O'Conner is famous. Like super star famous, but he doesn't care anymore. After he spent his whole climb to the top giving to everyone around him, caring for all of those h was meant to car for, and doing everything in his power to makes other's lives better, he has given up. Not because it got to hard, but because everyone betrayed him. Everyone. When his brother calls a sleeping demon God into play, planning on killing Aiden for finally turning him out, Leta, a Dream Goddess is woken as well. It is time fore her to destroy the demon once and for all. At the same time she is trying to rid the world of this ultimate evil, she has to also protect the human it is after. Leta shows up on Aiden's doorstep in a snowstorm, and the only reason this cold hearted man doesn't throw her out is because he has seen her before. In his dreams. Aiden and Leta have to battle more than just the supernatural evils. They both have personal demons as well that could make survival impossible. If they can get over their pasts and start anew, they just might survive the night, and save the world.

Once Silent Night takes a little bit of a turn in the series. It is not about a Dark Hunter redeeming himself and finding his mate. But about a Daimon who has been cursed with a life of loneliness by his own making. Stryker rules the underworld and leads an army of daimons, the very same daimons that Ash and the Dh's kill on a daily basis. Only this time Styker had pissed off the Gods. His ex wife whom he presumed was dead years ago shows up, and not for a nice family reunion. She is sent to kill Styker, and after he abandoned her all those years ago, breaking her heart, she has no qualms ending his life. As a new evil has turned some of Strykers army against him, and he and his wife are at a never ending war with each other, time seems to crawl by as he has to find an answer to every problem. The one thing he wants more than anything else is to have his wife understand why he left, to have her forgive him, and to be back by his side, forever. When time starts to speed up and they are on the brink of extinguishing their own race, Stryker must face the fact that he has to trust again, or else every one's life will be over.

Now I am blogging the book Acheron, this is my ultimate favorite book in the whole series. All through reading the books you get bits and pieces of Ash;s life and who he is now and who he used to be, but now we get the entire story. I am not going to write anything else about this book because I don't want to spoil any of it. This is by far the one you have been wanting to read if you are enjoying the DH series.

I of course am going to tell you that these are ADULT only books, and will not recommend them to anyone under the age of 18. But I definitely recommend them to all of my readers who are of age.

Ratings: Number 5 and  stars.

The Dark Hunter Series
Sherrilyn Kenyon