Anything I have is good.

A neighbor of mine recently had surgery, in order to comfort her during her down time in the days afterward, she borrowed a few books i own to read through. As she was looking through my bookcase, she asked me " What's good on here?" . I could barely contain my laugh, I have never even considered that before. To me, any and all books I have are good.


In the Begining.

Ahh, so here is my first post, no it's not a review, it has not much to do with books at all actually, this is a more of ' let me get to know the author' kinda thing, haha.
I grew up in Georgia, with my mother and my sister there to both guide me and torture me through the years. But I would never change a thing about it, those are two women who mean the world to me.
Growing up I appearently had ADD/ADHD, but in the 80's no one even know what that was, well except maybe the super rich folks ( and Lord knows that wasn't us, lol ). Having this 'disorder' back then was normal really, I was just a really hyper kid. As i started to get older, I had to figure out a way to channel this energy somewhere. Most would think sports is a GREAT thing for a hyper kid to get out all their extra energy, HA, maybe if that kid didn't trip over her own feet, just standing still!!!
That's when I discovered books, and it became my first love. Once I started ready I couldn't stop, and I'm glad I never did. I've been to more places, met more people, and experienced more things through the pages I've read, than I could have ever in real life. I love books.
Unfortunately I'm the only one in my home who has this passion, both my children are too young to grasp this world yet, but my daughter is almost there and shows a great interest, it makes my heart happy.
I'm not sure what my next post will be about, I'm still trying to figure all this blog stuff out, I have been reading soo much lately, I don't even know what to comment on first, wish me luck.