Book Review: Clockwork Angel

This is the first book in a new trilogy by Cassandra Clare. I am so excited about the entire trilogy, I loved her first works, The Mortal Instruments trilogy. And now she is back with her amazing talent to give us more to feast our eyes on.

Tessa is headed to a new country, she is going to meet up with her brother for the first time is ages. Only once she gets there everything turns upside down. Kidnapped by the Dark Sisters, and held prisoner in a home. She is more than a little alone, and she is extremely scared. Ever since her arrival, the Dark Sisters have been trying to teach her a dark kind of magic, one she never knew she had abilities for.

After being rescued by a very handsome Shadowhunter, Tessa is thrown into a world that she never thought could exist. Where warlocks and witches, vampires and werewolves are the everyday normal person. Finding out that she isn't the human she always thought she was, and being used as a new tool in the ongoing war between the Shadowhunter and the downworlders. It is all too much for her.

In the mist of discovering a new self, being rescued, and trained, Tessa is finding herself more and more drawn to the Shadowhunter that saved her from the Dark Sisters. Will is attractive and smart, funny in his own dark way, and every time Tessa tries to get close to him he gets just as close and then pulls back away. She is frustrated and can't understand if he is falling for her as well or if he is playing a cruel joke.

James is another Shadowhunter living among them and he is just as handsome as Will, but he is so much nicer, he is calm and polite, helping her to adjust to all the new things in her life. James is the kind of man she should be falling in love with, and it becomes obvious that James is feeling the same way towards her. But for some reason she keeps going back to Will.

When the war breaks out and they are now facing a new enemy, robots. The Shadowhunters take a big blow and they may not be able to make it out of this one alive. When Tessa gets involved using her new found magic things sway in their favor. But then Tessa starts to learn things about who she really is and has always been, but even with these answers she's getting, all she ends up with is more questions.

I loved loved loved this book. Cassandra is my absolute favorite YA author, and I would recommend this to everyone, it's a great read.

Ratings: Number 3 and 4 stars

Clockwork Angel
Cassandra Clare


Christina Irelan said...

I am extremely excited about this one as well! HaHa it's one of the ones my hubbys bringing too!