Book Review: Radiance

This is the first book in a  new series by Alyson Noel. And again she has done a great job.

In the series The Immortals, we are introduced to Riley, who is Ever's sister. Her younger sister who passed away in a horrible car accident, that only Ever walked away from. Riley doesn't cross over at first with the rest of her family, she stays behind with her sister to still experience as much of life as she can.

After finally deciding to join the rest of her family, she will begin to start a new life in a  new place. A place called The Here and Now. She isn't quite sure if it's heaven or hell she is in, but she is somewhat happy to be here. Her family is happy she is here, she that should make her be happy as well. Right?

Her first day of school starts out a nightmare, she gets snubbed by a snob, and is more than a little confused. Especially when classmates who are glowing start to get called up to the front of class. Riley is freaked out, why are they glowing??

Riley still has her sense of humor, even if it is gritty. And then she is introduced to her guide, man things just go from bad to worse.

She has been given a job in The Here and Now. She is a catcher. She will be returned to the Earth plane to help coax across souls of people who are refusing to let go of life, for one reason or another. And guess what? Her first assignment is one that NO ONE has been able to complete, though many have tried and failed.

Riley knows this is how things have to be now, and when her assignment scares the bejesus out of her, she decides not to give her guide the satisfaction of knowing she ran scared. She knows she can do this, and so do this she will. And she will succeed... she hopes.

This was a wonderful read, it was so sweet and funny. I love Riley's character so much. And the best part about this book is after i read it, it made me wonder if maybe my little sister is up there in the Here and Now, doing a job and fulfilling her destiny. I will recommend this to everyone!

Ratings: Number 3 and 4 stars

Alyson Noel


Christina Irelan said...

I can't wait to read it! Brent is bringing it when he comes. Along with about 20 other books so I'm going to be busy busy busy for a while. LOL

rebeccacarson said...

That sounds like an awesome book! I love Alyson Noel and I am glad that she made a book about Riley because I was wondering what happened to such a developed character.
I love your blog, I am so glad that you take the time to read and blog...heaven know I don't have the time.
thanks agian

Nikki said...

Congratulations! I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award at: http://starbuckled.blogspot.com

Nikki said...

Congratulations! I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award at: http://starbuckled.blogspot.com