Where have I been??

Hey everyone, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth, though it may seem that way. I have been so busy as of late and have just not had the time to write or blog about anything.

I got my new ereader for my birthday and that was by far the best gift I have ever received... next to the super cool white tassel ankle boots I got when I was 12 :) But with the new book and the website where I can download hundreds of ebooks for free, I have been reading up a storm.

Which I suppose is no excuse not to review them as I go, except that I just don't stop reading :)

I hae moved in the last few months, twice. Out of our home in Louisiana and into Ohio. It's much colder here, but the perfect place to curl up next to a fire and read... even though I do miss my days of sitting outside in the wonderfully warm air and reading.

Never fear though my fellow book enthusiasts, I will begin blogging again soon, and I have many many books to review. I can't wait to give you my opinion on them all.


AmandaRose said...

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