Book Review: Switched

The first book in this three part series is Switched. Amanda Hocking did a great job of bringing us into this world in this book, introducing us to the characters and letting us get a feel of who they are and their personalities.

Wendy has moved more times than she can count, of course it's always for her benefit. If she could keep herself out of trouble for at least more than a few months then things might be able to settle down and they could live in one place. Her brother Matt and her Aunt Maggie would be absolutely delighted if that would happen, but Wendy just can't seem to do it. For the life of her she can't fit in, she wants to to.. sometimes. She wonders what it would be like to be normal, have normal friends and a normal boyfriend. But she knows that's just not who she is, and she doesn't even try to kid herself.

The newest home is hopefully going to be the last, Matt and Maggie are to the point of begging Wendy to make things work. They try to be as careful as possible with her, they think she is more fragile than she really is. Her whole life ppl have been treating her like a piece of porcelain. Ok, so yeah her mom tried to slice and dice her when she was a kid, big deal, it happens. She knows they only mean the best, but it gets so frustrating at times.

Enter Finn Holmes, they mysterious new boy at her school, he is even newer there than she is. And he seems obsessed with Wendy. He stares at her like there is nothing else in the universe to look at. If it wasn't so creepy Wendy might actually find it sweet. Confronting him doesn't work out exactly as she wants it to, he only stares at her when she isn't looking now.

The school dance turns into a nightmare when Finn decides it's time to tell Wendy why he is really there and why he has been following her so closely. Once she hears the truth of her Tryelle heritage it is a whirlwind from there.

Life couldn't get more complicated than it already was, or so she thought, now she is being drug into the middle of a war. A war between tribes of Trolls for that matter, and she seems to be the prize that could make or break it all.

Wonderful wonderful series, and I would def recommend this to everyone who loves a good paranormal series in the YA area!!