And the Winners Are!!!

Here are the Winners of Our Morganville Vampire Giveaway!! I'd Like to Thank Everyone who Participated and I hope everyone had fun!!

In no particular order: Congratulations to

Sharon Ames
Katrina Whitaker
Batina Bandy
Lisa Potts

I will be sending each of you and email at sometime today congratulating you, attached to this email will be YOUR copy of each book.. so make sure to A. keep your eyes open for it and B. don't delete it :)

Thank you again for everyone you entered!!! Have fun and Stay Warm



I wanted to let each and everyone of you know, I love this blog. This was my starting point and it will always be my baby. With that said, My friend Christy and I both have individual book review blogs, but have decided it's time to merge them.

This is a happy day!

We will be able to post more, review more, and best of all, host more GIVEAWAYS!! Make sure you head over to our new blog page, ( link is below ) sign up to be a follower via email, and follow the blog, after all that's the only way to participate in the contests!!

Good day everyone and stay warm!!

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