Ratings Systems

There are two rating systems at the bottom of each post, I have just started.The first rating will be a number between 1 and 5, this will tell you just how much I actually like the book. The second rating system will be stars, and these will indicate what level of reading this book is at, ranging from YA all the way to Extremely ONLY adult.

The meanings are as follow:

Number 1: I really did not like this book, more than likely I disliked it so much I scan-read the last few chapters or I just didn't finish the book, because it was pure torture to put my brain through that. I would not recommend it to anyone.

Number 2: I didn't care for this book, it either wasn't written well, the plot sucked, or it was drowning in boredom. Either way, I'm not going to recommend it.

Number 3: I liked a good portion of the book, and wouldn't mind having a copy on my book shelf. I would recommend it to friends who I know like this certain genre.

Number 4: I really liked this book a lot. It had me from beginning to end, and the story was wonderful. I enjoyed the characters and the plot and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to read.

Number 5: This rating is reserved for books that I come across that will be valuable beyond reproach to myself in a possible sentimental way. This will be a book that is no doubt hands down one of the greatest books ever written, so don't be expecting too many of these :)


1*: I would classify this as a Tween book, a book more fit for the ages of 11 thru 13. Easier plot to follow, less twists and turns, modern dialog, and ' high-school' type angst for the characters.

2**: This would be a little higher than Tween but still in the Teenage area, 14 thru 16. Has a more complicated plot, more in depth storyline, a love triangle or so. And a life lesson or two that can be learned.

3***: This is a young adult book, with a love story or complicated plot. Twists a turns, and most of the time an ending that was not expected.

4****: This is a book for more mature readers, not in the 'XXX' mature but more like grown ups who would like to read things other than what a vampire or werewolf might be doing.

5*****: This is reserved for books that I would only recommend for absolute grown ups, someone 18 years of age or older. It will likely have strong sexual content and be abusive to some peoples sensitivities.