Contest :)

OK guys here it is, the contest, like I promised.

I stated in my previous post that I will be giving away an Ebook. I know that unfortunately not everyone has access to an Ereader, but I will be sending the Winner(s) the Ebook file in multiple formats, therefore, you should be able to read it on your desktop, laptop..ect...

Now for the good part.

I will be giving away my Ebook copies of the ENTIRE Morganville Vampire series!! that is 9 books out to date :)

I am so VERY excited about this, I love these books so much and am really anticipating the upcoming release of book 10 this year, Bite Club.

The titles I will be giving away are:
( click on any one of the titles for a lil bit of info on the series )
Glass Houses
The Dead Girls' Dance
Midnight Alley
Feast of Fools
Lord of Misrule
Carpe Corpus
Fade Out
Kiss of Death
Ghost Town

To Enter and Participate in the contest there are a few things you must do first :)
1. You Must be a follower of this blog.
2. You Must be at least a Tween, these are good books, but Def YA, as in too old for the kiddos :) ( sry guys )
4. You Have to Enter NO LATER THAN 9pm, Feb. 11th.
3. Last but Not Least, You must Answer my Riddle!!

I will be giving the Complete Ebook series to 5 Winners, I will pick them Randomly from the ones who are able to guess correctly!! Winners will be announced By 10am on Feb. 12th ( Just in Time to get Your Sweetie an Ereader for Valentine's day, completely Loaded with this series ) Good Luck and Have Fun!!



Updates :)

Hello, everyone. I have spent the better part of this morning updating a few things on this blog. I apologize for my absence of late, I have been so very busy.

I blogged a couple of recent books I have read, wonderful books by the way :) I also added a few books to the suggested reading lists. I added to both the Adult books and the Young Adult books, so check those out. I removed some of the Up & Coming that have already been released and added a few new ones that I am just dying for. Hopefully you guys are as well :)

Also I am going to be hosting a giveaway VERY soon for some free Ebooks... I know not everyone has an Ereader, but I will be giving the winner the book(s) in multiple formats, so they can at least read it on their computers if they don't have access to an Ereader!!

I hope that everyone enjoys the updates, and stay tuned for the contest, I will be announcing it within the next 24 hours :)

Book Review: The Iron King

The Iron Fey have quickly become some of my favorite Ya books. I don't need to tell those who have read this series how addicting they are, but for those of you who are being deprived of this series, go out and get them, they are like the most decadent piece of candy to a sugar-holic :)

The first book brings us into the life of Meghan Chase, a half Fey girl living in the mortal realm. Of course she doesn't know she is half Fey, where would the fun be in that. After her brother Ethan is kidnapped though and replaced with a changeling, things start to go a little haywire.

The notorious Puck, or Robbie Goodfell, as Meghan has always known him, comes to rescue in a rather roundabout way. he lets her in on her little secret. Even though by  doing so he is defying direct orders from the Summer King himself. Puck can't help it, he has to help Meghan no matter the cost.

A trip into Faerie isn't exactly all dancing and parties, When Puck brings Meghan through they have their first run in with the Winter Prince, Ash. Ash is about as beautiful as he is cold, and Meghan feels herself drawn to him immediately.

Saving her brother turns into the biggest ordeal of her life, as Meghan realizes it wasn't her father, the King of the Summer court, or the Winter Court who have kidnapped him, but an all new threat to the Faerie realm. The Iron Fey. And they have decided that they want Meghan  Chase all to themselves.

Tricking Ash into helping her probably wasn't the smartest move she could make, but then again, he left her do it. Mab, the Queen of the Winter Court will be furious once this is all over. But it doesn't matter to Meghan, she needs to save her brother and she will sacrifice herself in anyway possible to get him back.

Even though Ash is cold in the beginning and then constantly throughout the book, he begins to thaw towards Meghan and she lets her heart lead her into directions that she should never go, but she isn't the only one who is falling in Love. Ash the adventure gets more dangerous, Meghan has to decide where her future is going to take her... right after she saves Ethan.

Amazing series!! Anyone and Everyone should read this!!

The Iron King
Winter's Passage ( a novella )
The Iron Daughter
The Iron Queen

Book Review: Switched

The first book in this three part series is Switched. Amanda Hocking did a great job of bringing us into this world in this book, introducing us to the characters and letting us get a feel of who they are and their personalities.

Wendy has moved more times than she can count, of course it's always for her benefit. If she could keep herself out of trouble for at least more than a few months then things might be able to settle down and they could live in one place. Her brother Matt and her Aunt Maggie would be absolutely delighted if that would happen, but Wendy just can't seem to do it. For the life of her she can't fit in, she wants to to.. sometimes. She wonders what it would be like to be normal, have normal friends and a normal boyfriend. But she knows that's just not who she is, and she doesn't even try to kid herself.

The newest home is hopefully going to be the last, Matt and Maggie are to the point of begging Wendy to make things work. They try to be as careful as possible with her, they think she is more fragile than she really is. Her whole life ppl have been treating her like a piece of porcelain. Ok, so yeah her mom tried to slice and dice her when she was a kid, big deal, it happens. She knows they only mean the best, but it gets so frustrating at times.

Enter Finn Holmes, they mysterious new boy at her school, he is even newer there than she is. And he seems obsessed with Wendy. He stares at her like there is nothing else in the universe to look at. If it wasn't so creepy Wendy might actually find it sweet. Confronting him doesn't work out exactly as she wants it to, he only stares at her when she isn't looking now.

The school dance turns into a nightmare when Finn decides it's time to tell Wendy why he is really there and why he has been following her so closely. Once she hears the truth of her Tryelle heritage it is a whirlwind from there.

Life couldn't get more complicated than it already was, or so she thought, now she is being drug into the middle of a war. A war between tribes of Trolls for that matter, and she seems to be the prize that could make or break it all.

Wonderful wonderful series, and I would def recommend this to everyone who loves a good paranormal series in the YA area!!



Jennifer Laurens Heavenly contest!!

Here is a contest hosted by Jennifer Laurens in the attempt to get her amazing books into the hands of anyone who is able to read them. These books are just as Heavenly as this contest, check it out and enter for your chance to win.. today is the last day!!!



this is the book I am hoping to win ;)