Book Review: The Iron King

The Iron Fey have quickly become some of my favorite Ya books. I don't need to tell those who have read this series how addicting they are, but for those of you who are being deprived of this series, go out and get them, they are like the most decadent piece of candy to a sugar-holic :)

The first book brings us into the life of Meghan Chase, a half Fey girl living in the mortal realm. Of course she doesn't know she is half Fey, where would the fun be in that. After her brother Ethan is kidnapped though and replaced with a changeling, things start to go a little haywire.

The notorious Puck, or Robbie Goodfell, as Meghan has always known him, comes to rescue in a rather roundabout way. he lets her in on her little secret. Even though by  doing so he is defying direct orders from the Summer King himself. Puck can't help it, he has to help Meghan no matter the cost.

A trip into Faerie isn't exactly all dancing and parties, When Puck brings Meghan through they have their first run in with the Winter Prince, Ash. Ash is about as beautiful as he is cold, and Meghan feels herself drawn to him immediately.

Saving her brother turns into the biggest ordeal of her life, as Meghan realizes it wasn't her father, the King of the Summer court, or the Winter Court who have kidnapped him, but an all new threat to the Faerie realm. The Iron Fey. And they have decided that they want Meghan  Chase all to themselves.

Tricking Ash into helping her probably wasn't the smartest move she could make, but then again, he left her do it. Mab, the Queen of the Winter Court will be furious once this is all over. But it doesn't matter to Meghan, she needs to save her brother and she will sacrifice herself in anyway possible to get him back.

Even though Ash is cold in the beginning and then constantly throughout the book, he begins to thaw towards Meghan and she lets her heart lead her into directions that she should never go, but she isn't the only one who is falling in Love. Ash the adventure gets more dangerous, Meghan has to decide where her future is going to take her... right after she saves Ethan.

Amazing series!! Anyone and Everyone should read this!!

The Iron King
Winter's Passage ( a novella )
The Iron Daughter
The Iron Queen