Contest :)

OK guys here it is, the contest, like I promised.

I stated in my previous post that I will be giving away an Ebook. I know that unfortunately not everyone has access to an Ereader, but I will be sending the Winner(s) the Ebook file in multiple formats, therefore, you should be able to read it on your desktop, laptop..ect...

Now for the good part.

I will be giving away my Ebook copies of the ENTIRE Morganville Vampire series!! that is 9 books out to date :)

I am so VERY excited about this, I love these books so much and am really anticipating the upcoming release of book 10 this year, Bite Club.

The titles I will be giving away are:
( click on any one of the titles for a lil bit of info on the series )
Glass Houses
The Dead Girls' Dance
Midnight Alley
Feast of Fools
Lord of Misrule
Carpe Corpus
Fade Out
Kiss of Death
Ghost Town

To Enter and Participate in the contest there are a few things you must do first :)
1. You Must be a follower of this blog.
2. You Must be at least a Tween, these are good books, but Def YA, as in too old for the kiddos :) ( sry guys )
4. You Have to Enter NO LATER THAN 9pm, Feb. 11th.
3. Last but Not Least, You must Answer my Riddle!!

I will be giving the Complete Ebook series to 5 Winners, I will pick them Randomly from the ones who are able to guess correctly!! Winners will be announced By 10am on Feb. 12th ( Just in Time to get Your Sweetie an Ereader for Valentine's day, completely Loaded with this series ) Good Luck and Have Fun!!



Christina Irelan said...

haha I love it! LOL I'm not going to enter though since I already have them! ILY girlie!

Katrina W said...

:) what a creative contest.. not sure what you ment by the last part though Untitled question.?
But answered you question and checked out the books I have got number one that i received free as a book from penguin australia but would be real sweet to win for my e reader ;)
thanks for the great comp ..kat
:) kittee_cat@bigpond.com

Danielle said...

Heya Kat, sry about that last ques. I have no idea how it managed to get on teh form :) tks for pointing it out, i fixed it though!! thank you for entering and Good Luck!! this will be the last posting on this blog however. right after this post my friend and I decided to merge out blogs and we now have another review blog, it will have more posts, more review and even better MORE GIVEAWAYS so make sure you ck that one out and follow as well :)


Andria said...

I'm not sure if I entered already, if I did, just erase! :)