Updates :)

Hello, everyone. I have spent the better part of this morning updating a few things on this blog. I apologize for my absence of late, I have been so very busy.

I blogged a couple of recent books I have read, wonderful books by the way :) I also added a few books to the suggested reading lists. I added to both the Adult books and the Young Adult books, so check those out. I removed some of the Up & Coming that have already been released and added a few new ones that I am just dying for. Hopefully you guys are as well :)

Also I am going to be hosting a giveaway VERY soon for some free Ebooks... I know not everyone has an Ereader, but I will be giving the winner the book(s) in multiple formats, so they can at least read it on their computers if they don't have access to an Ereader!!

I hope that everyone enjoys the updates, and stay tuned for the contest, I will be announcing it within the next 24 hours :)