Book Review: Dry.

Dry is the sequel to the VERY good first Memoir 'Running with Scissors' by Augusten Burroughs, and his second Memoir was just as good, no.. it was just as great. While the difference in his writing style and his personality is very noticeable, you can tell that this is still the same man, the one who has such an incredible childhood.

In this second introduction to his life, Augusten Burroughs takes us through his early adult years, with his addiction to alcohol, and his love and loss of Pig Head. He bears his heart on the pages, and it makes you think about what you really do everyday. Well it made me think about what I do everyday anyway, about how much I take for granted.

He comes from this crazy childhood with barely any education at all, nothing past elementary. Makes himself a successful career in advertising. falls head over hills in love with a man named Pig Head, who sadly doesn't return the love in the appropriate way until it's too late, until after Pig Head has been diagnosed with HIV. He has a dramatic love affair with alcohol, one that is all consuming, and one that he doesn't even realize he has until his boss and coworkers gang up on him and force him into rehab about. Once there though, he does realize that this love affair has gone on too long, and has gotten way out of hand. He severs it. And is a better man for it. His career continues to grow, he has the same old friends, and has made some new ones, unfortunately, one of the new ones, is a man that is no good for him, and is make some of the mistakes that Augusten himself made before he got rid of his love affair with alcohol, only this man has an addiction to cocaine.

This story has it's ups and downs of what he went through in his younger adult years, and it was a very interesting read, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I would definitely recommend it to others, but you should really read the first memoir to begin. Oh and this one has my less crude reference to sexuality that the first book as well.