Book Review: The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

This story didn't catch me at first, it was a quick read, but took me a couple days just to get past the first 50 pages. It couldn't hold my attention. Which really disappoints me, I hate saying bad things about books, I adore books. Now, with that being said, after I drug myself through the grueling first few chapters, I made it to a better place. The beginning of the story reminded me a lot of M.Night Shaymalan's , The Village. A small village, surrounded by a big fence, and big bad scary monsters, and it is all that is left of mankind. Of course in the movie, there turned out to be no monsters at all, and in this one there really is, zombies, which I think was a nice twist, there aren't too many zombie stories out there.

Mary has always been told that there was a world beyond the forest, one with an ocean, and buildings so tall they seemed to touch the sky. To everyone else they were just stories, but to Mary they were her reason for survival, her reason to go on. When the one she loves becomes betrothed to her best friend, and she betrothed to his brother, she feels that her dreams have ended and she must give up her hope and settle for a life of commitment. But then the barriers are breached, and with a flash of red, red that Mary knows as familiar, her whole world ends, and begins at the same time. The one she loves, and the one she is betrothed to, as well as her best friend, her brother, his pregnant wife, a child from the village and her wedding present, a puppy, they set out down a path. Beyond the gates of their village, through the forest but still safe, the fences are built on either side, this path was made for this, for escape. Her brother loses his love to the unconsecrated, Mary loses her love to them as well, all she has left is the faith, the hope and the knowledge that the ocean is still out there, and that she will find it. Willing herself to go on and to not break a promise she made to a dying man, her dying love.

Carrie Ryan did a good job of this book, I would definitely recommend to the friends of mine who have tween kids, or kids in their teenage years. ( for the kids to read, lol. )


Bailey said...

It sounds good! :)

Christina Irelan said...

Hmm...IDK about this one...I'm not really into zombies much :( but I might try it anyways.

Bailey said...

It is a really good book! I love it! It is sooo hard to get into the next one though. :(