Book Review: Louisiana Vampires.

This was another short story collection, and I bought this book on a whim, I was in Georgia at a book store and saw it, I thought hmm, we will be moving out of Louisiana soon, and this will be a cute book to have, to think back on. It was a good read, short, but good. Of course it was about vampires, and it was all pretty much about the great city of New Orleans, the vampire capitol down here. There were old fashioned vamps, new age vamps, lively vamps, and buried vamps. All in all it was a good selection. I like vampire stories, and being how these were short stories, they could be summed up and made for campfire stories I suppose. Unlike the stories in Pretty Monsters, these ones weren't really at any length, so it didn't make you really get into them, so when the story came to an end, it was the end, and expected, nothing to leave you hanging, which was well appreciated.

I enjoyed this book. And would recommend it if you need to come up with some good scary stories to take to camp with you this summer ( teenagers ).