Book Review: Falling Through the Earth.

Falling Through the Earth by Danielle Trussoni was an excellent read, only this year have I picked up reading memoirs, but once you start reading about other peoples live, you really have to sit back and think about your own. Her life was about hardship, in some ways, and finding who she was in others. The Vietnam war was the center of her life, and was also what moved this entire book, it was the fuel for the fire. This book takes us from when she was a little girl living at home with her mom and dad, and brother and sister, and all the ghosts that her father brought home from Vietnam, to her visit to Vietnam itself, trying to put her fathers ghosts to rest.

I loved this book because of who she was, even as a little girl, Danielle had strength and courage. She fought demons that she didn't even know existed. All for the love and admiration she had for her father. I respected her even at the age of six. Also in reading what this little girl was like as a child, then a teenager, then a young adult, there was something about her that reminded me of me, I had a strange kinship I felt with her. I know that sounds weird, especially because it's just a book, but what can I say, I did.

Anyhow, I would definitely recommend this book, and I am very pleased to announce that I have definitely become and avid follower of Danielle Trussoni's works, I just wish she would write her sequels faster :)