Book Review: Fallen.

After the terrible accident that the shadows seemed to cause leaves Luce with short hair and strips her away from all her friends and family, it sends her to Swords and Cross boarding/ reform school in Savannah Georgia. Luce is left with a bad reputation, and little to hold onto, except those same shadows. No one trusts her, and no one is readily willing to believe in her. On her first day she gets the run down of the place. This is where bad kids go to mingle with other bad kids, and to ' get a fresh start' , yeah right. Half these kids look like they could have crawled straight from the pits of hell, but Luce has no idea exactly how close that line of thinking actually is.

After her first day of meeting her new best buds, Arriana and Penn and oggling this total jerk Daniel. Luce realizes she really hates this place and just wants to go home, but sadly this is home now. A guy in her class starts giving her the attention that a girl really wants, the proper attention, he is sweet and charming, and of course good looking, Cam. Even though Cam is all of these things, and he does not try to hide it, she just can't help but still feel a pull towards Daniel, even if he was a jerk to her that first day, and has been again everyday since.

Days go by and Luce feels more and more drawn to Daniel, after he saves her, and they are able to steal a few minutes alone, she knows now that there IS something more to what she feels, she just doesn't know yet, with the help of her best friend Penn, she starts to research Daniel, his family, his past, and even though she continuously comes to dead ends, it doesn't stop her. After a terrible accident at the school leaves one student dead and her injured, Daniel again saves her, even though she feels like she knows he saved her in a more magical way than what everyone else knows, she can't prove it just yet. Daniel is different, she is different, but she doesn't know what kind of different they are.

After the accident, Cam takes Luce on a trip off campus, and Daniel saves her... again. He tells her a story that she can't possibly believe, but she does, for some reason she does believe what he's saying. Then all hell breaks loose on campus, and Luce has to decide who, not what is reality, Daniel or Cam, and what she should do. Because her very next kiss could be her very last, it is definitely life and death.

I loved this book, it is definitely Young Adult material, and I know they say " you are only as old as you  feel. " and technically I'm not THAT old, lol. I'm still not considered in the ' young adult ' category. Anyhow, like I said, I loved this book, I like the mystique, and intrigue. I also like the love story that was there, the way true love can last for hundreds of years, that was sweet, especially since I really will not sit down and read a romance novel, lol go figure. But I do recommend this book to people who like the fantasy world of books, I read them all the time, and I'm definitely looking forward to Torment.


Christina Irelan said...

yep this one will be the first one I read when I leave from here!

Danielle said...

ugh... dont remind me, i dont want u to go!!!