Book Review: The Mortal Intruments Trilogy

This is as I promised, a review, after I have finished the final book in the series. I blew through these books, not because they were short, quick reads, but because I couldn't stand to tear myself away from the books for even just a short time. Those times that I did have to stop reading, like when sleeping or, showering, or eating.. I couldn't stop thinking about them. I dreamt about them and even day dreamt about them.. this story had me, from the beginning.

Clary grew up in a normal single parent home in New York, going to school, having a best friend, and hanging out a nightclub for the underage. Until one night she saw something that made her wish that her very boring, very normal life, was all that it was. After her mother is abducted and Clary is whisked away by the devilishly handsome Jace, nothing goes back to normal, if anything it gets more and more strange by the minute. Going to the Institute, finding out who her mother really was.. is, learning who it was that kidnapped her and what she has to do to get her back is only the beginning. Clary must face the guardians of hell themselves, demons, in order for just to be back with her mother. As she learns more and more and the story takes more twists, a forbidden love develops, and Clary is introduced to her father, the one she always thought was dead. Fighting for her life, her mother's life, and against  love she knows she can never have, Clary jumps head first into the world of the shadowhunters. Valentine will stop at nothing and will spare no one in order to cleanse the Clave, not even his own flesh and blood, but no matter how many times he has tried to purify his own blood himself, nothing came close to his first experiments. Jace and Clary are both shadowhunters, even though brought up in opposite worlds, the fact that they are different, elite, makes them powerful. They can change things, and in order to do that, Valentine must be stopped, and this time for good.

This book still has me reeling, I absolutely loved it, it has it all, Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks, Demons, Bounty Hunters, Nephilim, Good, Bad, and Ugly, I didn't put these books down, couldn't put them down for almost four days straight, and it was well worth it. Normally when I love a book this much, I can usually find some flaw, I either hated the ending, or it took me a while to get into at the beginning or some parts confused me, but with this there is nothing. I will not be complaining about the published works of Cassandra Clare, she has done a remarkable job with this trilogy and I am more that patiently awaiting her next works of art.


Christina Irelan said...

yep I'm gonna have to read those next! LOL