Book Review: Breaking Dawn.

So of course after re-reading Eclipse I couldn't stop there, I had to finish out the Saga again. I went on and read Breaking Dawn again. Just like Eclipse, I got sucked in, and couldn't do myself the favor of putting the book down and getting a good night of sleep, it took me all of two days to finish it, and that adding a couple hours, and going grocery shopping during those two days.

One thing that I still have never quite figured out is why so many people have decided that this was their favorite book. Out of the four, Breaking Dawn seems to be the most popular. Does it have something to do with Bella finally becoming immortal? Or is it the wedding? I know a lot of women are in awe about Renesme, could that be what pushes this book to be the best? I just don't know. I mean don't get me wrong I adored it, it was.. er is a great book. But it's not my favorite, I will tell you which one is mine and why in a few minutes. Anyhow, I liked the family in this book, the way it all comes together, at last. After all the bickering and fighting throughout the last three books, finally they are all harmonious, it puts a smile on your face and makes you relax a little, knowing that your favorite vampires and werewolves/ shape shifters are not going to kill each other after all.

This book will also be turned into a movie, actually as I just discovered, it will be turned into two movies, just like they did with final Harry Potter film. The first one is due to be released in November of 2011, that honestly kills me, seeing as Eclipse is being release in two weeks, then I will have to wait practically a year and a half to see my favorite vampires on the big screen again, ugh :) Anyhow, While I was reading Breaking Dawn I was trying to decipher where they will make the cut off point, where are they going to leave us hanging at? I think I have it figured out.

In the first half we are going to get to see Bella and Edward get married, personally I'm not happy there, hehe. no really I am, I just covet Edward in my own absurd daydreams. But after that they go away to their honeymoon to Isle Esme, oh how I wish my husband would buy me and island. Then the pregnancy, and that's where the story will really pick up. Bella getting her butt kicked from the inside out, literally. Edward in agony over what has happened, and none of them knowing what to do. Rosalie and Bella protecting the baby with every ounce of their souls, and no matter what anyone thinks, I don't believe for one second that after this Rosalie would throw Bella's life away, I think she is not only protecting the baby but Bella as well.

Then the baby is delivered, and you would think with all the preparation that it would be Carlisle, but nope, it's Edward and Jacob in the end, in the delivery/ operating room. Successful delivery, Bella dies. THE END. That is what I think is going to happen in the first movie. The second is going to consist of them turning Bella into and immortal, seeing Renesme for the first time, being warned of the Volturi, the coming together of the covens and the face off to save their family. and then we will be left in the wake of what was the Twilight generation. It will be a sad time for all of us who are fans, and feel like we are part of it.

now to tell you my favorite book of the four and why. New Moon. I loved it because of the strength of their love, even though he left, and she hurt for so long, and he hurt for so long. We he thought she died, he wanted to die, there was no reason for his existence if she didn't exist. And in the end he came back. He realized that he couldn't be apart form her. I know the extreme measures that it took for him to wise up and realize is was a bit .. well extreme, but hey, no one ever said men were the brightest, even a hundred year old vampire man. That book got me because of their long, and how even though it was tested to it's limit, it stayed strong. It was impenetrable.

Ratings: Number 4 with 3 stars

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