Book Review: Infinity.

I didn't know much about this author until after I read the book and was looking up the cover to put a picture next to my post. After reading up on her and her Dark-Hunter series. I'm pretty impressed. This isn't technically the first in this series, a book about Kyrian is, but this one is the first about Nick. This series will consist of twelve novels total and will actually end up tying into her original Dark Hunter series in another spot... what a cool concept. So when you are reading this, you are actually reading the other story, but you are going back in time and trying to change the future so that the other books will change.. I'm loving this plot so far, and am definitely going to submerge myself in her other books!

Nick is fourteen, he lives at home, well he lives in a dumb of a renovated old house turned studio apartment, with his mom. She found out she was pregnant when she was fourteen, and instead of giving him up for adoption, she turned her back on her family, their money and her education, and decided that she wanted to raise her son. And for the last fourteen years that's exactly what she has been doing. unfortunately it hasn't been the best life for either of them, being poor is never really fun. She works as an exotic dancer and he has earned a scholarship into a prestigious school, obviously he isn't there for money, only smarts, the kids there never seem to give him a break.

He gets picked on from day in to day out, and if that's not bad enough, his mom thinks he is over exaggerating. One night he runs into some of his other hoodlum buddies, they want him to help them make a few quick bucks. He goes along, until he realizes that a few bucks is coming from mugging an old couple. He stops the mugging, only to get himself beat up and shot, what a reward. Saved by Kyrian, he spends the next few days in the hospital, where he meets who he thinks is the girl of his dreams, Kody, he just hasn't figured out yet that she could very well be the girl of his nightmares.

If all of this isn't bad enough, all of a sudden his school is being over run by zombies, flesh eating, drooling zombies. But it wouldn't be so bad if they were normal zombies, you could kill those, but these are undead- undead zombies. The kids he goes to school with who are alive, hearts beating, still breathing are all turning into zombies, and they are after him, of all people. Once Kyrian enters his life things start to change, he learns that werewolves are real, vampires are real, and demons are real, but not all demons are bad, it's like a race thing. Like blacks and whites, u can't hate someone because of their color, so you can't hate them just because they are a demon, some are good, some are bad. Nick is completely confused.

After saving the day from zombies, and rescuing everyone he cares for, everything goes back to normal, on the outside. But deep inside Nick has changed and so has everything in New Orleans, there is Evil here now, a bad evil a strong evil, and he is the one who is going to have to learn to stop it or become part of it.

Honestly when I first read it I thought it was lacking a lot of information, but after reading up on it, I realize that to get the info I want I'm going to have to read some of the Dark Hunter series. So read up I believe this is going to be a great series.

Ratings: Number 3 and 3 stars

Sherrilyn Kenyon