Book Review: Raised by Wolves.

When I first heard the title of this book, I was honestly a bit skeptical. I mean after all the new books that have come out lately that are YA paranormal, they all have kind of unique titles, so something so basic didn't peek my interest. But like always I can rely on my very trustworthy BFF to come through for me and recommend a book that was a good read.

Bronwyn Alessia St. Vincent Clare, Bryn, was only four years old when she witnessed her parents brutally murdered. And if that wasn't enough to haunt her for the rest of her life, the voice that echoes in the dark recesses of her dreams " Come out, come out, wherever you are, little one. No sense in hiding from the Big Bad Wolf. I'll always find you in the end...". That had been the chant to change Bryn's life for good.

The rogue werewolf that had destroyed her human family was killed before he ever got the chance to kill Bryn. Callum, Stone River's Alpha, took Bryn with him, marked her, and she became his. He gave her to another human, a woman, Alison Clare. She was marked as well, and put in charge as the one who be raising Bryn as a mother, for all intensive purposes. With being Marked Bryn was able to be a part of the Pack, even as a human, but because she was human, she would never really be part of the Pack.

Teenage and quite fond of her rebellious and curious side, she was not in the least bit happy when Callum put a guard ( babysitter, in her opinion ) by her side to escort her wherever she needed to go, and to make absolute certain she was home by dark. No questions asked, and unfortunately none of her questions answered. She had to be on her best behavior, for Ali's sake if nothing else, she was very pregnant, and most Were/human pregnancies didn't turn out for the best,on the human side. Most of them died. So Bryn had to put as little stress as possible on Ali as she could.

When the delivery day comes, Bryn is so distraught, the cries of agony coming from her beloved 'mother' and nothing she can do to help, the only person she knows who can comfort her is Callum. She sneaks away from her guard and makes it to Callum's house. But what's waiting for her there changes her future just as much as Callum did the night he rescued her.

Chase is a boy, Chase is also a Werewolf, but Chase wasn't born a Were, he was made. It's almost impossible for her to comprehend. Only a handful of humans who have been attacked in over a thousand years have actually survived and Changed. Chase did. He isn't stable yet, she smells like meat, he shifts within his cage and lunges for her, trapped inside the bars. She makes her escape and runs right into Callum. Her comfort.

She can't go without seeing him again, she knows that they are connected. They are alike, neither of them born a Were but both are now Pack. And there is something else. A pull. Seeing him again is Bryn's mental undoing. The wolf that killed her family is the same one that Changed Chase. Callum has been lying all these years. No one is safe. She breaks her permissions, she is punished, she weakens one connection to make another one stronger, she is sent away.

Bryn now has to overcome what she fears most, pull forward what she repressed for over ten years, and learn to do things she never consciously knew she was capable of. All out of the sake of love and family.

I really enjoyed this book, I'm normally a team Edward kinda girl, ya know, more into the vampire stuff, but I will read werewolf stuff as well, and with this I'm glad I did. It had a lot of teenage back and forth emotion. But it also shows a lot of exactly what it means to grow up, and become who you are. I would definitely recommend this book to my young adult friends :)

Ratings: Number 3 with 2 stars

Raised by Wolves
Jennifer Lynn Barnes