Book Review: Eclipse.

So I re-read this book to refresh my memory, with the upcoming release of the movie at the end of this month. I originally read it in 2007 when it was first released, yes I was a huge Twilight fan. Still am, just not as much as I was then. When I first decided to re-read this book I thought that it might not attract me the same way it did the first time. The first time I read it, it was like a black hole, it sucked me in, I read the entire book in about 13 hours, I was more than a little disappointed when I was finished with it, it was all consuming. The second time around made absolutely little difference, even though it has been three years. From the very first sentence it had me again. I paced myself this time, taking a day and a half to read it. This time thinking about things as I read it. Discovering things I rushed through the first time, and finding out I loved this book so much more the second time.

Now after saying this, I realized that I have learned a few things about the main character Bella. She is a total masochist. She enjoys the pain that comes along with the pleasure of being in love with two men. Er, ok maybe enjoys is not the right word but she rather wishes for the pain that she is subjecting them to, just so that she can keep both men in her life. She maybe selfless in many ways, always wanting to sacrifice herself for the good of others, and always worrying about how something she does may effect someone else, but in this sense no, she is completely selfish.

The movie to this book will be hitting theaters on June 30th this year. I, for one, am SUPER excited about that, I can't wait to see it. My husband will be taking me and we will be having a great time. For any girl who is having a hard time convincing her guy to take her to see this movie, explain to him that this is the one, out of the five movies that will be made total, that he SHOULD see. This is the one with the guy stuff in it. It's going to have fast cars ( remember the yellow Porche from New Moon? yeah it's back ), gory details of blood and carnage from the battle of the newborns and the Cullens.. and the Wolves, God knows we can't forget them :) There is also the CONSTANT ego/ pride thing between Edward and Jacob throughout this entire movie, and the Volturi make an appearance. The guys will love this movie, though not as much as us girls.

With all this being said, I know it's not much of a book review, just like my next one on Breaking Dawn probably won't be, but that's because there is nothing else to say about these books that hasn't already been said. Stephanie Meyer did and amazing job of letting us into this world of Vampire and Human love. She put us inside the homes, and out there on the front lines. I was captivated from beginning to end, and am amazed over and over again at exactly how great these books actually are. If you haven't read them yet, do yourself a favor, read them. Oh and don't be like some of those irritating critics out there who only read them so they can demolish them JUST because they are popular. Yes vampire and other supernatural stuff is the ' cool' thing right now, but even with that, there are hundreds of books out there pertaining to just these types of topics, and not many have had this kind of success. So when you read them, do it with respect for the book, and judge it as you would any other.

Ratings: Number 4 with 3 stars


The Twilight Saga
Stephanie Meyer