Book Review: The Short Second life of Bree Tanner

So I just finished this book about twenty minutes ago, err should I say e-book. Yes, I've succumbed to technology, I read a book online. I would have went out and purchased the book but it was offered to us fans to read for free on Stephanie Meyer's website. So since it was FREE how could I ever pass it up??!!

Anyhow, when the title of this book said ' Short ' I didn't take it as too literal, as in this would be a ' short ' story. But it was. Now saying that, it was still a good book. It was just as good as the Twilight Saga, well not as good, but the way it was written was just as good. I enjoyed the story. Even though Bree was only a few months old when we entered her life in this story, I would have liked to know more about those few months in which she first became a vamp. Like how she discovered that Fred equaled protection, and why Fred decided that she was ok, not a threat like the rest of her coven. Also I would have liked to know more about her ' change ' and the circumstances that surrounded it. From what I gathered, she was a homeless fifteen year old girl who was starving to death and Riley came in and took her to a burger joint, then kidnapped her and took her to Victoria to become a new vamp. But other than that... I got nothing.

I did however enjoy the loved and lost aspect of the bittersweet moments she had with Diego. How sweet to find love, even after you're dead. But how sad to lose it. At least she didn't have to pine her whole life away like most the other heroines we hear about these days, over a love that was lost, because shortly after she realized that her precious Diego had perished, she joined him in the Great Beyond. If that's where the already dead people go when they die again.


Ratings: Number 3 with 2 stars

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
Stephanie Meyer