Book Review: The Heroines

This book tickled me. It was a very cute book. On a prairie in Illinois a woman and her daughter live in a family owned bed and breakfast. It's cozy for the two of them, thirteen year old Penny and her mother Anne-Marie, Penny's father was killed in a car accident when she was younger.. that's what she was told.

The best thing about this bed and breakfast isn't the quiet seclusion of the prairie, or the interesting stories that the travelers share, it's the stories that some of the travelers come from. They have had guests in their home for as long as Penny can remember, guests with extremely familiar names. Madame Bovary has a short stay at Prairie Homestead, even Scarlett O'Hara stay a night. But with Penny being only thirteen now, the magic of these visits has not yet began to sink in, she is too upset that these heroines from story land get all her mother's attention, while she has to deal with things herself. When Deirdre, from Deirdre of the Sorrows, checks in, then moves into her room, which causes Penny to move out of her own room. Penny hits the fan, enough is enough.

Mother always told her to stay out of the woods at night, dangerous things dwell there, Penny didn't care anymore, she was mad. But when hoof beats were behind her and she was running scared out of her wits, oh how she wished she had listened to her mother. Conor, King of Ulster, Lord of the Red Branch,the Twinkling Hoard, the Ruddy Branch, has now come into the picture. He is a Hero, or possibly a villain, Penny hasn't decided yet. Heroes never come, only the Heroines, the women or girls come, mainly during their most trying times in the story, and they rest, they stay a day, a week, a month, but they always go back and finish their story, alone. But here is a Hero, come to capture his Heroine. Penny doesn't know what she should do, her mother has ingrained in her from the very beginning, NEVER meddled with the Heroines destines, but Penny knows what she is going to do, hand over Deirdre.

After being gone so long and worrying her mother, her mother calls the police, the police take her to the hospital, after an exam, the doctors ask what happened, poor Penny who is only thirteen revels the truth, and is locked in a loony bin. After being drugged up and being subjected to real crazies, she manages a call to Albie, her one real life friend, her gets news to Conor.

Even though never before has her mother meddled in a Heroines story, this time she just might, after all it is her daughter who is out there in the world somewhere, with this Hero, all she has to do is hand over Deirdre.

I loved this story!!!

Ratings: Number 3 with 2 stars

The Heroines
Eileen Favorite