Book Review: Dark Flame.

This is the fourth book in The Immortals series by Alyson Noel, and all I can really say is wow. This is definitely the best book yet. Hands down. While I have enjoyed the first three, I wasn't as into them as I have been other series, but after Shadowland, which was also great, and now Dark Flame, I am a full fledged fan.

Ever and Damen have gone centuries without fulfilling their love, in every physical way. The emotional and mental ways have been fulfilled over and over, and as far as both of them are concern there has never been and never will be any doubt as to who their soul mate is.

Ever is so tore up inside, she has told her friend Haven what she has done to her, turned her immortal, in order to save her life, and expects the worst reaction possible from Haven. Instead Haven is super excited, but already too drunk with power, this makes Ever feels even worse. Roman, the Immortal who has cursed Ever and her soul mate, Damen, from ever physically touching each other, is now Haven's true love, which is even worse, because he is Ever's sworn enemy. After Ever tries a binding spell, one to get Roman to do her bidding, and it backfires on her, she is now bound to him. Not in doing his bidding, but in a sensual, physical form, a need to have him. It's a fire inside her that she can't resist. After she tries to unbind herself, and that only succeeds in making the bond even stronger so she turn to Jude, her long time love, many lifetimes over. Only to have her soul mate come in and take her away.

Jude doesn't understand all the circumstances but is still willing enough to help, he loves Ever, despite everything, despite the fact that she loves Damen. As she searches to find a solution, she loses what has made her feel immortal, her beauty, her strength, she feels weak, and she feels a desperate need to be with Roman, and terrified to tell Damen, sure he will finally be through with his patience for her.

Finally coming to terms with the beast inside of her, the dark flame that burns for Roman, she centers herself, and approaches Roman, desperate for the antidote to her and Damen's problems. Once Roman trusts her, Jude misjudges the situation, and interrupts. Leaving in the wake a disaster, Roman is gone, the antidote is now gone forever, Haven is consumed with hate for all of them, determined to destroy every bit of their lives, and Jude has lost his love again. Ever and Damen are left to figure out the pieces and where to go from there.

I'm so excited that this book was this good, and I can't wait until the next one comes out this winter, I would definitely recommend this to all my friends :)

Rating: Number 4 and 3 stars

Dark Flame
Alyson Noel