Book Review: Bad Moon Rising

Ok, I know I have been absent for over a week now, but I just didn't want to blog each and everyone of the Dark Hunter novels every time I got finished with one. After all there are around twenty of them :) I haven't finished the whole series yet, I think I still have like four more to go, and I am waiting patiently as I can for them to come in. I have already ordered them.

I have four of the books in the series to talk about in this post, all of them were great books. One thing I have noticed as I am getting closer to the end is that there are more and more Were-Hunter novels. Personally I like the Dark Hunter ones better, but they are all great reads.

The first book is Sins of the Night, which is number eight of the series I believe. I could have the reading order mixed up though, so don't quote me on that :) This one is about Alexion, Acheron's right hand man. He is sent in to take care of business whenever one or more of the dark hunters decide they can do whatever they feel like doing. This time he has been sent to a neutral party's home, someone who hasn't yet turned to the bad side of things. A dark hunteress named Dangereuse, or Danger for short. Alexion request this mission due to the fact that this dark hunter gone rogue was one his brother in arms, Kyros and him were some of the first dark hunters, and now Kyros was turning his back on Acheron. Alexion is there to try and save him before it's too late, but what he doesn't count on is the fact that he needs a type of saving himself. All the years of execution have made him a cold shell of who he used to be, and with Dangers help he could become a man much more than he was before.

The next book I read was Unleash the Night, and it was a Were-Hunter book. This one is about Wren Tigarian, the tiger and leopard mix. To him and his family he has always been an abomination, nothing more than a mistake. Sanctuary allows him to live and work there because that is the law, they must allow him refuge. But now his cousin and Mama Lo are conspiring to be rid of him and it's up to him to find out why. He now has a death sentence to out run and a mark on his back where no matter where he goes he will recognized, after all he is the only one of his kind. His parents made sure they never made a mistake like him again. Even though he is an outcast and looks like a bum, Maggie can't help but be compelled by Wren. He puts off every signal in the world to leave him alone, yet she wants nothing more that to be in his arms. The fact that she is a politicians daughter makes everything even more complicated. In order to save Wren's life they have to figure out who it was that killed his parents. In order to save their relationship they have to save his life. Things are never easy.

Then I went on to read Devil may Cry, I really liked this one. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I like the dark hunter ones better than the were hunter ones, but I don't know exactly. Ex-God turned Dark hunter Sin, had his powers stolen by the Goddess Artemis, so he has thought for the last few centuries. Artemis is terrified he is going to come after her and kill her once and for all so she send her daughter in to take care of him for her, to get rid of Sin once and for all. But no one expected Kat to fall in love with Sin, least of of all Kat herself. But what's worse than Artemis fear is the fact that the gallu demons are getting free and Sin is on a very short time table to reseal the prisons before all hell breaks loose and the end of the world really takes place. But not trusting anyone his entire life has become a habit that isn't easily broken and if Sin can't learn to trust the one person who truly loves him, then everyone will die.

The last book I will blog on here is Bad moon rising. While I say that I like the dark hunter books better, this was a good one for the were hunters. This is the story of Fang and Aimee.. finally. We have got bits and pieces of their relationship through other books, but this was the full thing. When Fang gets attack and is sent to a nether realm, his brother, the only family he has ever had abandons him. But Aimee doesn't, she stays by his side and goes above and beyond to bring him back to her. Killing daimons is a dark hunters job, but she takes it upon herself to rid the world of the ones that have stolen most of Fang's soul. Once back Fang kills a demon and unknowingly takes the demons spirit into himself. In turn the demon begins waging a war inside Fang trying to gain control of him. Fang disappears in order to keep everyone he loves safe. But that bites him in the butt, because that makes him a wanted man. As more and more bodies turn up and him no where to be found they all pin the blame on Fang. He has surrender himself or have his family killed in his stead. Fang is no coward and has never ran from anything. He just wishes he had had a chance to love Aimee the way she deserved to be loved.

These are great books, and i recommend them to anyone over the age of eighteen to defiantly go out and grab them up.

Ratings: Number 3 and 5 stars

Sins of the Night
Unleash the Night
Devil may Cry
Bad Moon Rising
Sherrilyn Kenyon