Book Review: Night Pleasures

So this is the second book in the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I unusually read the whole series before I blog on the books, but seeing as this is a looong series, I'm going to do them in ones and twos.

When I first started reading the series I was going to stop at this book. It is where the YA book, Infinity ties in at. I just wanted to catch up to that part, but of coarse that didn't happen. I got hooked. Sherrilyn Kenyon is a great writer. However I will warn you, her writing is for adults only. I will not recommend these books for anyone under the age of eighteen.

Kyrian of Thrace was betrayed by the one woman he ever loved. He gave up everything and everyone that ever loved and cared for him for that woman. In the end she turned him over to his enemies to be crucified and then his Kingdom was overtaken by the Romans. He has never forgotten that.

After the betrayal he was turned Dark hunter, given the chance to extract his revenge on her. But he couldn't do it. Even though she had betrayed his heart and soul, he still loved her, and couldn't take her life. So he walked away, and now walks the earth protecting humans from the things that would kill them in the night.

When he wakes up handcuffed to Amanda he doesn't know what to do. She was mistaken for her vampire hunting twin sister Tabitha in the hopes that Tabby would kill him on sight. Unfortunately their capture didn't bank on her having a twin, or did he.

As Kyrian tries everything in his power to slay the demonic forces that have set out to kill him, but when the prophecies reveal that only a Dark Hunter with his soul can kill his foe, Kyrian is at a loss. The only way to get his soul back is for him to fall in love, and to have someone fall in love with him. Ever since his wife betrayed him, he has never, NEVER trusted anyone remotely enough to even think that. Until Amanda.

She gets to him like no other woman has ever done. He loved his wife more than anything in this world and beyond, with his whole heart and soul, so he thought. But the way Amanda makes him feel is beyond imagination. H=It makes a mockery of what he felt for his wife, but he dares not hope that she feels the same for him, less he be cursed again.

Amanda loves Kyrian more than she could ever explain, and she will give anything to help him get his soul back. Together they can make everything happen and everything come together the way it should be.

This was a really good book, but like I said, definitely not for younger readers AT ALL.

Ratings: Number 3 and 5 stars

Night Pleasures
Sherrilyn Kenyon


Steph said...

I couldn't agree more - this series of books is definitely not for YA readers! But that's okay, especially for us that are over the age of 18. :) I really enjoy this series a lot, and this book featuring Amanda and Kyrian is one of my absolute favourites! I didn't know that Sherrilyn Kenyon has a YA that links with it. I'll have to check it out. (Thanks!)

Steph (the book junkie)