Book Review: Fantasy Lover

The main reason I bought this book was because of the book Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Infinity was her first YA book, and after reading it I found out that some of the characters form it actually spin off from her Dark Hunter series. And Fantasy Lover is book one of that series. Book two is where Infinity actually ties into the Dark Hunter series, but after reading this one, I might actually have to go ahead and read the whole thing :)

Grace is a twenty nine year old, successful phychatrist. Well she is a sex therapist, but still she has her PhD. She has a best friend, her own home and a great career, but she is lonely. Sometimes it's not so bad, after what her ex did to her, ripped her heart out, she wasn't in the mood for anyone else.

Selena, Grace's best friend, totally disagrees with her. She thinks that four years without sex is ENTIRELY too long. Even though she understands then pain Grace went through with Paul. Selena buys a book with a picture of the most perfect man anyone has ever seen in it. With this book comes a summoning spell, all you have to do is speak the man's name three times and he appears. Once he has appeared to you, the summoner, he is your love slave for exactly one month.

Getting Grace tipsy on her birthday, Selena talks her into summoning Jullian of Macedon, son of Aphrodite. When nothing happens Grace laughs it off and Selena goes on home. Then Jullian appears in Grace's living room, completely naked and ready to please her in any way she wants. She freaks out.

Grace was used and thrown away like garbage, she refuses to do that to Julian. So instead of going about this the normal way and him being a sex slave, she decides to treat him like a normal person, like a human.

Julian's brother finds out there is a way to lift the curse that he has been under for two thousand years, and Grace is exactly who he needs to save him, but in the process they can not have sex. Not until the very last night of his summoning. Once they agree to it, things start to change, and they both realize that they have fallen in love. But neither one want to let the other know, for a multitude of reasons.

In the end, everything works out has it should, and payback is a bitch. I really liked this book. But I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of eighteen, due to the fact that it is HEAVILY laced with sex and sexual innuendos.

Ratings: Number 3 and 5 stars

Fantasy Lover
Sherrilyn Kenyon