Book Review: Tithe

Sooo, I have been partially absent these last few days. Mostly due to the fact that I am having serious internet problems. But all in all that is no excuse to get as behind as I have. I am doing this review on Tithe by Holly Black. But I have about four or five other reviews to do today as well. All on books I have read since I last blogged. Again, I'm sorry for the delay.

Tithe, A Modern Faerie Tale, was a really good read. I actually bought the book because Holly Black is going to be one of the authors at the Smart Chicks Kick it tour in Houston Tx in just a few weeks. I wanted to have something with me for each author that is going to be there to sign, but I wanted to make sure I read each thing before I went. As it was, I chose this book by Holly Black, and it was an excellent choice indeed.

Kaye and her mother have moved more times than she can count. Being the daughter of a talented rock star wanna-be, Kaye doesn't have much choice. But even though she misses her childhood 'imaginary' friends, Spike, Lutie Loo, and Gristle, she still loves her mom and will follow her anywhere. But after a strange attack on her mom from the man they were staying with renders them homeless, Kaye finds them returning back home to the seaside of New Jersey.

Unknowingly Kaye enspells her long time real friends Janet's boyfriend into becoming obsessed with her. She doesn't know how she did it, but the fact that it actually happened kind of scares her. Then meeting a dark and handsome stranger in the woods in the middle of a thunderstorm makes things getting even stranger for her.

Roiben is the chosen knight of the Unseelie court. Part of Faerie, of course Kaye already knew this, but she has known about faeries since she was a girl. Everyone has always said they were her imaginary friends, and no one ever believed her. So now explaining things to anyone would be impossible. Until she makes an unlikely aly, Janet's older brother Corney.

Taken prisoner, against her will, but drugged in magical ways, Kaye has to fight to stay alive before she is sacrificed to the Unseelie court. She has a secret weapon that she doesn't even know she possesses until it is almost too late. In the end she could save or destroy the entire structure between the human and faerie realms for the next seven years if she doesn't act fast enough.

This was a great little book, and I think it was the very first book she ver realeased. You can tell Holly Black had what it takes from the very start!!

Ratings: Number 2 and 3 stars

Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale
Holly Black