Book Review: Mistress

Emily went from being a somewhat well off girl in her father's home to a nothing, living in the workhouse, barely surviving. After being rescued in a way and given a job at a school for young ladies in London. Even though it was better than the workhouse, it was still barely above surviving and Emily wanted so much more out of her life.

When she was approached by Mr. Twyford about being a model for his new photograph business, she thought that maybe her life was going to turn around for her. Just maybe she could get the kind of life she wanted.

Emily was no no fool and not for a second did she think that modeling for Mr. Twyford was going to be easy, or decent. She rather expected it to be both hard and intimate. But when she arrived to talk to him about his offer, she was surprised that he was offering to take pictures of her in a more modest position than she expected. Though she was still going to have to take her clothes off.

Never having been in love, Emily had made up her mind that she was going to take these photos and have them sold in order to get herself a protector. She was going to make herself a wealthy mistress. She would not go about her life a poor old maid any longer. With the help of Eric Twyfold, this dream would come true.

Unfortunately the heart never listens to the mind, and before she knew it Emily was head over heels in love with Eric. But much to her dismay he didn't seem to have half the bit of interest in her. Not like Mr. Murdoch, who had decided that Emily was to be his new wife, weather she wanted to be or not.

After procuring one of her photos to use as blackmail, Mr. Murdoch secured Emily as his wife. But after he surprised her with his horrid ideas about what she was do to in obedience for him with continuing her pictures, she decided that she had been reckless and foolish in her marriage. The only person to turn to was Eric.

Still heartbroken over her marriage to Mr. Murdoch, Eric was outraged at what Mr. Murdoch had planned for Emily and immediately agreed to help her escape him. With a few ideas in mind the two of them set out to save her from the beast he was. All they could hope for was that the love they felt for each other would out do anything that man had over their heads.

This was a wonderful little read, but it is extremely mature. So I do NOT recommend it for anyone under the age of eighteen. Other than that I would definitely tell anyone else to read this book!

Ratings: Number 3 and 5 stars

Leda Swann