Book Reviews: Sons of Destiny

I am so far behind in reviewing the books I have been reading. I have about ten books I need to review, but I have been so busy lately that by the time I get a chance to sit down and focus on writing I'm too exhausted. But here I am now to update all of you on these books that have kept me thoroughly interested these last couple weeks.

The first book I am reviewing today is the second book in the Sons of Destiny series, The Wolf. I have already done a review on the first book, The Sword.

This book was no less intriguing than the first one. Wolfer, the second oldest of the eight sons, has to meet his destiny now. It is his turn to fall in love and fulfill his part of the prophecy. The only problem is his heart was already captured years ago, before they were exiled onto Nightfall Isle. The fair Alys was a neighboring child that grew up with the boys. Even though she was five years younger than Wolfer, she was always by his side.

Wolfer doesn't know how he will fall in love when there are no women on the island. But he is sure that when the time comes he will know. Alys is currently afraid for her life. After the death of her parents she was taken to live with her uncle. A man who is evil in every way possible. He lives to frighten and torture everyone around her. Even though he has wanted to take Alys to his bed on more than one occasion, she has managed to talk him out of it. But since the price on her head is very valuable, her uncle has sold her to the highest bidder as a wife and slave. Now is the time for her to escape.

Escaping to Nightfall Isle is the only chance she has a t freedom. She knows Wolfer is there and she has been in love with him since she was three years old. Praying he still loves her, she escapes. Now it's time for all of their destinies to unfold. Hopefully they can all survive, especially when her uncle decides to attack in full force.

This was a good book, but just like the last few books I have been reading and reviewing, it is an adult novel. So I'm not recommending it for anyone under the age of eighteen.

Now onto book Number three, The Master. In book number one the prophesied disaster they faced was the fact that Dominor was kidnapped by a visiting country. The country was a  group of men who were out to claim new lands in the name of their kingdom. They had suffered oppression at the hands of women for generations and had staged and uprising. Freeing them form the clutches of those women who would keep them captive.

When they found out that Dominor was a very powerful mage they drugged him and kidnapped him. Once shackled in magic binding restraints, there was nothing he could do until they reached their destination. Unfortunately their vessel was overtaken by rival sea goers. Everyone on board was taken prisoner.

Dominor was taken to port and to the auction block where he was put up for sale as a slave. Though he tried to protest that he was not a commoner and should not be put through this treatment, it changed nothing.

Serina has been working manically for months now to finish the mathmagical formula to right the wrongs that generations past created. She has finally discovered what it is she needs. A foreign man, who is a powerful mage. One who is willing to mate with her and produce a child.

The Fates it seems took Serina to the market the same day Dominor was being actioned. A foreigner, and a powerful mage. She couldn't have asked for anything better than that. Now to get him to agree with her plans, and preform the ritual.

Unknowing that his older brother has completed his part of the destiny, it is now Dominor's turn to find his soul mate. As he and Serina work out the plans of her formula, things begin to change between the two of them. Now they just have to figure out what will happen once he fulfills his part of the prophecy.

I am in love with this series, and I can not wait to read the rest of the book. I recommend them to all my adult fans. They are delicious books :)

Ratings: Number 5 and 4 stars

Jean Johnson
The Wolf
The Master