Book Review: The Sword

This is the first book in the Sons of Destiny series.

Kelley Doyle, is stuck in the modern day world, but has a fascination with the past. Because of this fascination she has been accused of being a witch.

Being accused of being a witch wouldn't bother her so much, if threats didn't come along with it. From notes posted at her house, to someone hanging a noose outside her door. Letting her know that they used to hang witches in the old says. The police department doesn't care, and Kelley is actually getting scared.

When they set her house on fire with her inside it, she is all but dead. Until she is pulled form her world into another. Sat down in the middle of a castle in a foreign land, Kelley is freaking out. Even worse is the fact that there are men here that are holding her down and they are talking to her in a language she doesn't understand. All her worse fears are running through her mind.

Once they are all able to understand each others language, Kelley realizes that she is not only in another land, she is in another world completely. One where magic is the main source of power, and most people here have magic.

Saber is the oldest of the eight sons. And he is terrified in some ways of Kelley. He knows that the prophecy says that he is to fall in love, and with that it will bring a great disaster. That is why he and his brothers were exiled on Nightfall Isle to begin with, and why women are forbidden to be on the isle.

But even though Kelley and him fight, and the coming disaster is on her heel. He still finds himself falling in love with her. The only thing he can do is embrace his destiny and pray she loves him in return.

This was a very good book, and a great start for this series. I can't wait to read the rest of them. The only complaint I have, is the covers look like 80's cheesy romance novel covers. lol. But this is an adult read, so I will only recommend it to ALL of my adult readers :)

Ratings: Number 5 and 4 stars

The Sword
Jean Johnson


Akra Léna said...

It's good to know. I still have yet to read this series.