Book Review: Forgive my Fins

I finished this book this afternoon. With my bestfriend now four states away I will have a lot more time for reading :(

Enough of my personal life. Forgive my Fins was a very adorable read. When I first read about it online I thought it sounded like a good book, then when my favorite bookstore got it, The Page Turner, I definitly went and bought it :)

Lily is in love. The popular guy, swim team jock, on the news team, cute as can be, funny, flirty, everything she could possibly want in a guy. The fact that she is in love with him doesn't help when he has no clue of it. She has been silently fawning over Broddy for the last three years, and now with only weeks before her eighteenth birthday, she has got to tell him. She is convinced he feels the same, and that once she tells him her secret, they will swim off to her kingdom and live happily ever after.

At least that's what she wants to happen. But her very annoying neighbor, Quince seems to pop up at every chance she has to be alone with Broddy and ruin the moment. Not only does he ruin the moment for her then, but he has also been aggravating her in every way possible for the last three years. She hates him.

Unknown to Lily, Quince doesn't feel the same way about her. During the spring fling dance, he sneaks up on her and kisses her. In Lily's world a kiss is akin to marriage. The kiss forms a bond and now Quince is turning into a mer. Poor guy has no idea what he is in for, but worse than that, she only has weeks left and he has no thrown a huge wrench in her plans.

Taking him with her to Thalassinia, her mermaid kingdom, where her father is the king. Lily is going to have a separation done, and remove the bond. She does not want to spend her life attached to this human. Once there she thinks her daddy will be happy to see her and willingly give her the separation. She is in for a big surprise. Not only does he not grant it but he stipulates that they remain bonded for a week, to test out their new feelings.

After fighting the bond so strongly, Lily eventually begins to realize how Quince feels about her. She starts to question how she feels about him. After years of torture from him, she is getting to see a new side of him, a nice side, romantic even. She doesn't know what she wants anymore. But she will go through with the Separation anyway, it's whats for the best. She still loves Broddy.

Once the bond is removed and Lily goes back home, she realizes that it was never Broddy she loved. She is in love with Quince, but now that the bond has been removed he will be immune to becoming mer and therefore be on land for the rest of his life. Going after him would mean leaving behind her kingdom and staying on land. Lily decides what is best for her and finally she does something for herself, breaks away from being a coward.

This was a a wonderful little book. I would love to have friends of mine read it. It was a magical love story, and I am excited about a sequel!!

Ratings: Number 3 and 2 stars

Forgive my Fins
Tera Lynn Childs