Book Review: Night Embrace

So I have been scouring through the Dark Hunter series. After Night Pleasures there was Night Embrace, right now I am on Sins of the Night, and it's great so far. This review is going to be about all the ones I have read since my last post.

Night Embrace is about Talon, the ancient Celt. Talon died when his tribe betrayed him, and sacrificed him to the Morrigan, trying to bring peace back to them. But the ultimate betrayal was when they told him that they needed a sacrifice from his bloodline, and he offered himself, they tied him up and then killed his baby sister in from of him when he could do nothing to help her. Sunshine Runningwolf is something else altogether, she is funny and sweet, beautiful and eccentric. And for some reason Talon has found himself falling in love with her. If they all survive he prays that she can love him as well.

Dance with the Devil came next. This is so far one of my two favorite stories in the series. Zarek is a grumpy, cold, vicious Dark Hunter. He hates everyone and everyone hates him. Being condemned to the frozen lands on Alaska for the last nine hundred years has made him even worse. Now it's time for him to be judged or else it's time for him to die. His judge is Astrid, the Fates youngest sister, and she is physically blind, but she has begun to discover that there is more to Zarek that she can see without the ability of sight. If only she can convince everyone else that this is the right decision before it's too late.

In Kiss of the Night, Wulf has been cursed throughout the centuries to be forgotten. The only people who can remember him five minutes after he leaves a room are the other dark hunters, and the squires that are descendant from his brother, since they are of his blood. After one fateful night in a club Wulf meets Cassandra, and she remembers him. Wulf is startled by this and then even more so when he finds out exactly who and what Cassandra is. But then Cassandra gets pregnant and Wulf is the father, even though they have never touched. Protecting humanity has never been more important and now Wulf has gotten his heart involved. No matter what happens he can't let anyone down.

Night Play was a little different. It wasn't so much about the dark hunters as it was about the Were hunters. Vane has only had two other people to count on in his whole life, his brother and his sister. His sister was killed a few months ago and now his brother is all but dead, lying in a comatose state barely moving to even eat. Vane is lost with no one to turn to, until he meets Bride. Bride has just been dumped by her long time boyfriend and she is on the verge of collapse, she is heart broken.. kinda. Vane has seen Bride before and thought her beautiful then, now when he sees her hurting he is all but speechless. After their first nite together the end up mated. Vane is astonished and Bride is terrified, they only have three weeks to bond or else Vane will be alone for the rest of his life. There are things out there though that will go to almost any lengths to make sure it never happens.

The last book I'm blogging about today is Seize the Night, this is my other favorite so far. This one is about Valerius Magnus, the grandson of Kyrian and Jullian's mortal enemy. Because of that family trait almost everyone hates him, and they don't hold back when it comes to showing him. Tabitha has been a pretty big player in the Dark Hunter world. Being a human but going out every night hunting vamps, she does her duty. Tabby is also an empath, and when she comes across Val she feels his pain. Valerius has never let anyone is and is caught off guard when he realizes that Tabitha has reached a part of him that no one ever even tried to reach before. But an enemy from the past is back to finish what he started, and now that Val knows what love feels like he will do whatever it takes to save Tabitha from whatever comes after her and her family. No matter who hates him and is trying to stop him.

Like I said before this series is NOT for anyone under the age of 18 but this is a great series and if you can get a chance to read it i suggest you do :)

Ratings: Number 3 and 5 stars

Night Embrace
Dance with the Devil
Kiss of the Night
Night Play
Seize the Night
Sherrilyn Kenyon


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I LOVE this whole Dark Hunter series. Have you read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward? If you like Kenyon, you should check them out.

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