Book Review: Ruined

Lisette was murdered in 1853, her body stored in a family tomb and her mother lied to about her death. A curse was placed upon the family that murdered her and has lasted for over a century and a half. Now it is the time for the curse to be over, and no one wants to die.

This was a really good read, it was given to me to read by a friend of mines daughter. She has a wonderful passion for books. Something I wish a lot more younger ppl had.

Rebecca has lived in New York City almost all of her life. Just her and her dad. Rebecca's mom was killed when she was just a baby, so there has always just been the two of them. But now things are changing, she is fifteen and her dad has to go away on business, to China. This isn't just a week trip, this time he will be gone for six months. In the meantime Rebecaa is being sent to live with her Aunt in New Orleans. She is dreading every second that ticks by, taking her closer to that destination.

Arriving in New Orleans is just as Rebecca feared, it's hot and sticky, she doesn't no anyone and no one is nice to her. She realizes as soon as she gets to school that she is destined to not have any friends at all while she is here. But strangely enough, it doesn't bother her. The only thing that she really wants is to get into the cemetery across the street. Especially since her Aunt says that she is to never go there.

Sneaking into the cemetery to follow the 'Them' crowd one night was not exactly the smartest thing to do, but she did it anyway. Almost getting caught spying was even dumber, but on her way out she got lost. Panicked she fell, luckily she was approached by a friendly stranger instead of one of the horrible kids form school. Showing her the way out, the girl gave her a sweet smile and left her be, Rebecca ran home as fast as she could.

Determined to find out who the girl was, Rebecca went back to the cemetery. She found who she was looking for, but wasn't expecting the surprise that came with her. The girl that helped her was named Lisette, and she was a ghost.

After learning about the curse on the Bowman family, and that it was Lisette who was the one appearing to the girls in the family to curse them, Rebecca began to worry. After all she was seeing the ghost as well. Her aunt explained to her the reason, and she was none to happy. After another girl fell too ill, Rebecca was asked to take her place in the Septimus parade. It wasn't until the parade was over that Rebecca realized what kin of danger she was in.

This was the night the curse was supposed to end, and it was the night the last Bowman girl was to die. But which one would it be? Helena or Rebecca?

This was a very cute read.

Ratings: Number 3 and 2 stars

Paula Morris