Book Review: 13 to Life: A Werewolf Tale

This was a great book. Shannon Delany is a breakout artist. What surprised me the most about this book, was the fact that this is her first piece of work, it came out at a time when the werewolf/vampire genre is at it's peak, and it's good. Good enough to rate right up there with the rest of the ones that I put on the top shelf of my book cabinet. ( Only the really good ones go on the top shelf ).

Jessie's life took a turn for the worse when her mother was killed last year. But instead of making it turn her into the hateful suicidal person everyone thinks she's going to be, she takes the death and tries to make it turn her into a better person. Forgiving the one who killed her mom, nursing that person back to health and becoming her best friend is only the beginning.

When the new guy gets to town Jessie's goodwill is tested. He infatuation with the start football player is put to the test too, after years of silently drooling over the hot jock, he is finally starting to pay attention to her. Then in step the wicked cheer squad to ruin everything. And all of a sudden the hottie has nothing to do with her anymore, but that still hasn't stopped the new guy.

With Jessie's patience worn just about to nothing, Pietr has pursued Jessie since he walked in the door, making it as obvious as possible. But with her should be mortal enemy turned best friend wanting to date him. Jessie is at a loss, especially when she realizes that she is wanting him to pursue her.

Finding love after her loss is not easy, and trying to give it up is even harder. But in the end will it make her a monster?

Like I said, this was a great book, I loved every minute that I was reading it. Shannon Delany will do amazing things. I am more than looking forward to the next in this series!!!!

Rating:Number 3 and 3 Stars

13 to Life: A Werewolf Tale
Shannon Delany