Book Review: Fragile Eternity.

So I have finished books three and four of the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr, really good books by the way. Usually I wait until I have finished an entire series before I write about the books, but she has made this almost impossible as her books do not follow one specific person, they jump to different characters as the leading lady, so I am forced to blog about each individual book :)

Fragile Eternity wasn't so much about a leading lady as it was about Seth deciding that his mortal weakness was just too little too much for him to remain by Aislinn's side anymore, and he decided to do whatever it took to change that fact. Either he was going to become Faery or die, but he had to try. He wasn't going to give his woman to Keneen without  a fight, of some soft.

After all the faeries he knows and trusts turn his request down, Bananach, War personified, decides that Seth's becoming faery actually has some benefit to her, so she brings him to her sister, the High Queen, Sorcha. Who makes the trade, she give Seth his faery abilities, in trade he has to stay with her for one month in Faerie out of every eleven he is in the mortal realm. But Sorcha has an alternative motive, she has always wanted a son.

Seth now is faery, but his one month Faerie is actually six months in the mortal realm and no one has heard anything from him, Aislinn has all but given up hope of his disappearance, and has finally given Keneen leave to try and make her love him, the Summer King.

When Seth returns, Keneen is devastated and flees, leaving behind Aislinn to rule the Summer court alone. Bananach still has not gotten her war, and Seth is more confused than ever, he did all this to be closer to Aislinn yet it seems to have pulled them further apart.

Really good book, I definitely recommend it to all my friends :)

Ratings: Number 3 and 3 stars

Fragile Eternity
Melissa Marr