Book Review: Hush Hush

This book came out earlier this year, and for some unknown reason, I have just now picked it up to read. The cover looks enticing, and reading the back cover was intriguing, so I have no excuse why I waited so long to read it. But it was worth the wait, this was a really, really ... really good book :)

Nora is a normal girl, going to high school, having a best friend, doing all the things that normal girls do. At least that's what she tries to do anyway. Things have been hard on her and her mom since her dad was murdered last year, and she has come to the conclusion that the 'presence' she feels sometimes, is her dad watching over her. Her best friend, Vee Sky, is boy and shoe crazy, and the two of them are tied together by the invisible ropes that keep friendships going for many, many years, no matter what, that is the one thing that Nora is thankful for, more than anything.

Patch is a transfer student with a mysterious air about him, and a mysterious past, no one knows anything about him, and when the biology teacher makes them switch partners, and Nora is assigned to learn 'who' Patch is, the word nervous is just a mild way of explaining how she feels.

Elliot has just transferred into their school as well, and after a little digging Nora discovers the reason is so he can run from a very disturbing past. He was a suspect in a murder investigation, the only suspect.  His girlfriend was thought murdered, then later ruled as a suicide. Now all his interest seems to be focused on Nora, and he doesn't like to take no for an answer. As much as this bother Nora, Vee is excited, Elliot's best friend, Jules, is Vee's new love interest, and Jules is almost as elusive as Patch.

Even though Elliot seems to be pursuing Nora, she is not interested in him, and tries to make it perfectly clear. Patch seems to become more and more intense every time they meet, something inside her tells her to run away from him, as fast as she can, but another part of wants to melt into his arms. After Vee is attacked while they are shopping, Nora is convinced that Elliot is up to no good, but Vee is convinced that Patch is behind it.

When the new school shrink, Mrs. Greene, starts to push Nora more and more about staying away from Patch but gives her no explanation why, Nora starts to worry. She has a feeling inside her about Patch that she just can't explain. She really doesn't want anyone to warn her away from him, but at the same time she wants to run as far and as fast from him as she can.

Nora is going to have to choose between Elliot and Patch before this is all over, and her wrong decision could cost her her life, but then again.. she may not have a decision in that... her life as she knows it may be over, things are not as they seem.

Ratings: Number 4 and 3 stars

Hush Hush
Becca Fitzpatrick