Book Review: Wicked Lovely

So Wicked Lovely is technically the first book in a series my Melissa Marr. However, it is one of those series that doesn't necessarily go back to back. Each book coincides with the others, but the main character is different and the story is different. I like it, it's different.

The first book Wicked Lovely is about the Summer Court, the summer faeries, and the Summer King, Keenan. The Summer King has been searching for over nine centuries for his queen. Even though he is a king, he is not in full power yet. His mother, Beria, the Queen of the Winter Court, had is powers bound when he was born, so that her court would rule with a higher power than the summer, and the world would suffer through the cold longer.

After searching and failing for hundreds of years, Keenan believes he has finally found his Queen. Aislinn has always seen the faeries, has always hid the fact that she can see them. Her grandmother told her at a very young age to never let them know she can see them, it is dangerous. So when she sees a Court Faery start to follow her, she starts to worry. She has never let them know she can see them, then he puts on his human glamour and approaches her, so that he is visible to all humans. She is terrified. Keenan knows now that he has definitely found his Queen.

As Aislinn accepts her role of Queen, the love of her life, Seth is also put into the world of faeries, as a mortal. And because of the hatred of Beria, Seth almost dies. Aislinn manages to hold onto what she wants of her humanity, but learns to rule a kingdom, one that hasn't had a Queen in over 9 centuries.

I really liked this book a lot, and I'm really glad that it is a series, with a fifth in the series coming out soon. :)

Rating: Number 3 and 3 stars

Wicked Lovely
Melissa Marr