Book Review: Radiant Shadows.

The fourth book in the Wicked Lovely series was a great book. Even though the series didn't follow the same main characters throughout each book, it still did the same thing that it seems all series do, to me anyhow, it gets better the deeper into it you get.

Radiant Shadows was about Ani, a halfling. Even though nature should have placed more mortal into her than faery, she got 'lucky' so to speak, and was turned more faery than mortal. She loves it, except for the fact that now that the faeries know what she is, she has to move to the Dark Court and leave behind her sister and brother. Rabbit and Tish, other halflings that have been hiding in the mortal realm with her, away from the High Court.

Devlin was give orders almost fifteen years ago to kill the halfling. Sorcha is the High Queen, and Devlin is her Bloody Hands, he never disobeys his queen. Until then, and until now. Sorcha is so upset about her son, Seth, returning to the mortal world to be with his beloved, Aislinn, that she sends Devlin to go there and stay for awhile. Go to the mortal realm and look after her Seth. While there Devlin sees her, the halfling he was ordered to kill fifteen years prior, and he is drawn to her like he has never been drawn to anyone, mortal or fey. Ani is both.

Bananach gives Ani an order, to kill people she cares about, she can't fulfill this order, and now she is on the run. Her and Devlin run as far as they can, until he gets word that Sorcha has done something terrible in search of her son, and Faerie itself is falling apart, now they have to return. And face War.

Once back inside of Faerie Devlin learns secrets he never thought could exist, and him and Ani, along with Rae, a dream walker, redefine Faerie and begin bringing it back to it's original beauty. They begin doing what need to be done it order to save all the fey, and save both the faery world and the mortal one.

This was a wonderful book!!

Ratings: Number 3 and 3 stars

Radiant Shadows
Melissa Marr