Book Review: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flammel

So this review has been too long coming. Sorry about that. I started the series about two weeks ago. Usually it wouldn't have taken me but a week to breeze through these, but I have been so busy these past weeks it's ridiculous.

That being said, I finished up the fourth book this morning, The Necromancer. I really enjoyed this series. Reading the reviews on the cover of the book, one said that it was a great read for the post Potter era. I guess I can agree with that. Seeing how this originally came out right after the Harry Potter series made it big :) But at the same time, this series had it's own personality, it came to life on it's own accord with no help from any of the wizarding world of the Happy Potter books.

In the first book the Alychmest, Nicolas and Pernelle Flammel are introduced as well as the twins of legend, Sofie and Josh Newman. The Flammels have been searching for centuries for the twins of legend. While they have come across many sets of twins, have verified the auras, ones of silver and gold, and had the twins awakened. None have ever panned out to be the ones they were searching for, to their, and the worlds disappointment. But Sofie and Josh are different, they don't just have silver and gold auras. They have pure auras. There hasn't been a pure silver aura since Joan of Arc. and the last Pure gold was Midas himself.

Stumbling upon these twins was a great circumstance, but before they have the chance to actually speak to the twins, to explain to them the process, Dee finds the Flammels. Dee is an Immortal, but unlike Nicolas and Pernelle, Dee was made immortal but his Elder masters, which in turn makes him in debt to his master. Dee has been searching for the codex, the book that holds the secrets to all mankind, for centuries. He has been hunting the Flammels for the same amount of time, for they are the guardians of the book.

With Dee attacking, the twins are thrown into a battle between the humani and the Dark Elders. The Dark Elders and the ones that serve them are bent on bringing them back to the earth realm and enslaving the humani. Or using them for food.

With Sofie and Josh newly being awakened, and learning the elemental magics as fast as they can, they are pushed the very edge of exhaustion. Fear that they are losing their minds, and scared they are going to lose each other, they race through time and shadowrealms, trying to save all the humani before everything and everyone they know gets destroyed.

These were great books, and as I finished up book for I was delighted to find out there will be a fifth book out later this year, The Warlock. I am excited!!

Ratings: Number 3 and 3 stars

The Alychemst
The Magician
The Sorceress
The Necromancer
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