Book Review: Ink Exchange

Ink Exchange is the second book in the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. I liked this one just as much, almost a little bit more that the first one. I guess that comes with the territory with almost all series, the more you read into them the better the books get.

Leslie is Aislinn's friend, the have been friends as long as they can remember, but lately Leslie's life has fallen apart. Even though no one knows it, she puts on a good face, she doesn't let anyone know, even Aislinn. Her mom took off, leaving her with her drunk dad and druggie brother.

After her brother decides to drug her and use her body as a payment to some of his druggie friends, Leslie has had enough. Her life is her own and she needs to take it back, take back control. She decides that the first step is to get a tattoo.

After spending months and months she finally decides on the tattoo she wants. Unfortunately she doesn't know that this particular tattoo comes with a cost. The ink used for this tattoo with attach her and the King of the Dark Faeries. She will provide him a way to feed off not only the faeries but mortals now too. Ever since the Summer Court found their Queen, and Beria was destroyed, the Dark Faeries have been suffering, becoming weak. They live off the suffering of others, the fear and emotions that others put off. Now Leslie is going to give him more of what he needs, only she doesn't know it yet.

Niall is determined to keep Leslie safe. He has been advisor and friend to Keenan for over nine centuries, and he has helped Keenan finally bring peace to his Kingdom. Niall has not always been a Summer Farey, but he is determined to never become what he once was, even though he is falling in love with Leslie. He will denounce his Kingdom before he will let anything happen to her.

Once Leslie realizes what is happening to her, it is almost to late to stop it, Niall has found a way to save her. Once the connection is broken Niall thinks she will come to him, be with him, but Leslie has other plans of her own, ones that don't include any faeries at all.

This being the second book made me definitely look forward to the third, I can't wait to read it!!!!

Ratings: Number 3 and 3 stars

Ink Exchange
Melissa Marr